Only two companies were sharing 80% of the market of electric toothbrushes in the world. However, none of them had wireless connectivity to your smartphone. Learn more about through this Xiaomi Toothbrush review. That is the case with Xiaomi toothbrush that can give you the best possible tooth care on a daily basis, having lots of extra metrics on your smartphone to check whether or not you are doing a good job cleaning and brushing your teeth thoroughly. 

Brand overview

Xiaomi toothbrush has a wireless Bluetooth connectivity with your smartphone. It has a pre-installed application to cover all your movements in your mouth and give you the best score you could possibly get in cleaning your teeth. The brush strokes thousands of times per minute giving you an excellent result in cleaning teeth and removing plaque without extra muscular effort by your side. It has an easy brush removal, a lightweight and grippy handle and some rubber rings that you can change them according to the number of different people using the brush in the family. 


The Xiaomi toothbrush has a powerful Li-Ion battery that can be quickly recharged and gives you great autonomy when you are not home. It has a rather simple design, pale white color and made from quality plastic that is one of the best features it has. You can pick from 4 different speeds of tooth brushing and there is always the chance to see the battery load from the small LCD screen on the front panel. There is also a great charger to keep it always charged no matter where you reside (can work on 110V and 220V respectively).

Benefits / Reasons to choose

Xiaomi toothbrush remains one of the best electric brushes in the world since it’s one of the few that can record your daily tooth cleaning process and measure how much plaque is finally removed from your teeth surface day-by-day. It is quite affordable and can hook up with your smartphone and tablet to make your tooth brushing experience a lot more interactive and entertaining.

The small round brush heads that it features are easy to remove and change. At the same time, you can have the best tooth brushing since the bristles are strategically located on the periphery and not at the center like in the old toothbrushes.

Pros & Cons

For many reasons there are some positive and negative things about Xiaomi toothbrush:


  • It has a modern and minimal design
  • You can connect it to your smartphone via the Xiaomi app
  • There is always a way to customize the brushing style from your smartphone
  • The actual cleaning action and feel is excellent


  • The battery doesn’t last as much as the competitors one
  • There are no signaling lights to know which brushing mode has been selected
  • Xiaomi doesn’t offer it with any discount on the official site
  • The app has some connectivity issues when you are connecting multiple devices on


The best deal with Xiaomi toothbrush remains in the Amazon site where you may find it for as low as $40 on Amazon. From times to times, you can find the Xiaomi toothbrush with a special rebate from the official website, however, this has been rare lately. As we all know, all the electric toothbrushes are value for money, since they are an incentive for you to brush your teeth easier and avoid the multiple costly visits to the dentist for a dental cleaning.

How to install

You simply need to unbox the Xiaomi toothbrush and mount the brush on the gripping mechanism. Then simply connect the brush to the charger and let the battery charge for an hour. By pressing the Bluetooth connectivity button the Xiaomi pre-installed application matches the device with your smartphone or tablet. From this time on you are ready to operate your toothbrush either from your phone or manually using the front panel buttons. Under no circumstances, you don’t need to plug it directly to the power network. The toothbrush is also IPX7 which means it’s waterproof enough to live for a long time in your bathroom close to the water reservoir.

Who can use

The Xiaomi toothbrush is easy to use both from adults and children. The latter is going to love it since they will find it a lot funnier to compete with each other in brushing their teeth and scoring better at the application they would have in their Xiaomi smartphones. Dental hygiene is easily achieved for all with this exceptional toothbrush. 

How to order

The best way would be to order it through the official website. However, most of the people order it from Amazon or eBay and earn more in discounts and free shipping costs.

Customer support

Xiaomi customer care center is available to all customers no matter where they reside. They have call centers in all major geographic regions and they are ready to answer all your inquiries and give you guarantee that the toothbrush is going to work no matter what.

Others to know

It has been the toothbrush of the new generation. Easy to hold, tough with the plaque and stylish you can’t ask for more. Not to mention, that it can store all your brushing scores and results for you to see the progress of your dental hygiene in numbers.


These are some of the most frequent questions we found on Google:

Does Xiaomi Toothbrush has any difference from the usual one?

Yes it actually is a lot different. It has a rotating brush that you don’t need to put any effort to brush your teeth and it connects with your smartphone.

Is the Xiaomi toothbrush waterproof?

The Xiaomi toothbrush has an IPX7 classification to show that it is not afraid to be soaked in water without any problem.


For sure, through this Xiaomi Toothbrush review, you will learn a lot of things about this product For most of us, cleaning and brushing our teeth has been a routine. With Xiaomi toothbrush, the routine has its own metrics and we can share out improvement in dental hygiene to social media, thanks to the application that connects the toothbrush with our smartphones.

Xiaomi Toothbrush





  • modern design
  • can connect to smartphone using the Xiaomi app
  • excellent cleaning action


  • battery doesn't last long
  • no discount on the site
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