You will learn a lot of info through this Mi Clock review. One of the gadgets that people cannot live without is the alarm clock. Xiaomi knows this better and presents to the public the latest version of its wireless Mi clock that has a spectrum of features that pass beyond any imagination for all remote application users.

The special design, the lightweight profile, and the functionality guarantee from the Chinese giant would be more than enough for fans to order their clock gadget at once.

Brand overview

Xiaomi has made a rectangular-shaped clock that can communicate with your smartphone, tablet, and smart TV through the Xiaomi application for smart homes. Additionally, the Xiaomi clock can have a wireless connection to your broadband internet router so that you can always access it even if it is not connected through the Bluetooth 4.0 protocol. It is easy to handle, stylish, and always balancing over your closet ready to accept your vocal orders about when it should start or stop the alarm, to keep you punctual to your appointments.


Using the Mi alarm clock you have the opportunity to control all the other Xiaomi devices in the room and vice versa. The clock is also so smart that you can adjust it to give you the daily closings in stock markets working as you sleep or even record a song you may think it’s great to get published. There is always the possibility to connect up to 100 devices to the Mi Clock, always through the powerful Bluetooth 4.0 protocol that is so popular in mobile devices.

Finally, you have the option to listen to more than 2000 radio stations at once with the simple pressing of a button. Can you ask for anything else from your alarm clock?

Benefits / Reasons to choose

One of Mi Clock’s greater reasons to purchase is its compact size and lightweight profile. Another one would be the pre-installed Xiaomi application that makes it easier to identify possible Xiaomi devices around and connect to them (asking for your permission first of course).

The digital screen is great to view at night and the numbers are there to give you a direct touch with the actual hour without getting you blind through the night. Not to mention, that its battery can last for more than 24 hours meaning than you only need to connect it to the charger only for several hours per week. 

Pros & Cons

As with any device here we can see some benefits and drawbacks for this device:


  • Excellent and clear voice orders
  • The night mode is great for people who like to sleep with lights off
  • Its LED display gives you a crisp image all the time
  • It can synchronize to 100 devices that are around, an amazing number to state
  • The loud alarm system guarantees that you wake up no matter what
  • There is always the chance to control it through the Xiaomi smartphone and never have to press its buttons
  • You may easily alter the sounds of the alarm when you find it suitable


  • International languages are not supported well since it has been released for Chinese users
  • The time zone is also for China residents and this is a big drawback since you cannot alter it easily


Xiaomi has set a mediocre price for its Mi Alarm that reaches the level of $69.99 on Amazon. It is not a great price, certainly above the average for a digital alarm clock. However, its special features can assure you that this clock is worth its money invested since it can give you unique connectivity to all your mobile devices, keeping you always updated and creating a smart home.

How to install

You need to install the companion application of Xiaomi first. Then you simply need to set up the alarm choosing the tones you like. The reminders are always an option for you, while you may still have access to special timers that can regulate your work and business around the clock. You can also have some meditation or relax time with forest sounds that will make you take a quick nap.

The only cable you will always need to charge it would be the USB one and this is where the installation process ends.

Who can use

It can be used by all people, teenagers and adults. However, it would be more useful to busy professionals that want to be always alert and connected to the real world-even when they sleep!

How to order

The best place to order would be sites like Amazon or Gearbest. The official Xiaomi site can give you certain rebates and free shipping so it’s worth checking with it when you need to buy a Xiaomi Mi Clock.

Customer support

The Xiaomi customer support keeps on being monumental. You have the chance to find persons to talk 24/7 and resolve all the potential issues you may face with the device, its function, and connectivity to all the other mobile devices. You will be thrilled by the after-sales care of Xiaomi customers.

Others to know

Xiaomi Mi Clock is waterproof and you can be sure that its LED screen is not going to go off, even though you throw it accidentally on the floor. It has been the most stylish alarm clock you have ever seen, voted by customers worldwide for its aluminum surfaces and durable plastic cover.


Some of the frequently asked questions include:

Can I connect the clock to my Xiaomi smartphone?

The clock shares the same application with Xiaomi mobile devices so it can be easily hooked up.

What is the average battery charging time for the Xiaomi clock?

You usually need no more than 40 minutes of charging per day for the battery to get at 80% of its full capacity.


Xiaomi has created a powerful and stylish alarm clock for all people who like to feel traditional at home, but also need to enjoy the benefits of new technologies and wireless connectivity. Xiaomi Mi clock includes all the above at the lowest available price for its great services.  I hope this Mi Clock review gave you a lot of information that you need.

Mi Clock





  • excellent and clear voice orders
  • LED display offers crisp image
  • loud alarm system
  • alarm sound can easily be altered


  • time zone is just for China users
  • International language is not supported
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