For every person that is a homeowner the existence of a doorbell is essential. Xiaomi has entered the domain of smart home applications and hardware. The doorbell has been their latest release with two (or more) separate compartments to make sure that you always see who is knocking at your door and talk to him right away. The doorbell is installed easily and you can have the assurance to see in high definition video everyone that stands in your doorstep trying to ring the bell or even having fraudulent intentions. Check out this Xiaomi doorbell review.

Brand overview

Xiaomi is a famous developer of applications that enable your home to become smart. It connects all the various parts of the doorbell that is the actual camera mounted close to a wall in your doorstep and the image going directly to an internal screen or just the sound transmitted to the ring bell you can have in multiple locations within your premises.

This brand is the most reliable one consuming less energy and having a more reliable image and sound transmittance through your router and the Xiaomi application to all your mobile devices.


The doorbell is not water-resistant so you need to keep it away from direct rainfall and moisture. When you unbox the Xiaomi doorbell you find two separate items: the camera with the doorbell and the speaker that you have to mount in your house to listen to who is coming at your doorstep. 

Both parts are made from high-quality plastic components so that they will not rust at any time. There is also a screw that you may use to stabilize the doorbell. As soon as you screw it on, every possible attempt to remove it is going to trigger a silent alarm on your smartphone so that you can call the law enforcement authorities.

Benefits / Reasons to choose

There are many reasons to choose Xiaomi doorbell. First, it is the cheapest solution compared to the old and outdated doorbells that we’re constantly connected to the power network and couldn’t send video or sound to your phone. 

Then you will have the chance to connect the doorbell with your broadband internet router, and the Xiaomi app. You will virtually have the image and sound from anyone getting to your doorstep right to your smartphone screen and even talk to him from the speaker.

Pros & Cons

As with any device, there are some pros and cons with Xiaomi doorbell:


  • You can detect any movement close to your door
  • There is a ring on your doorbell when somebody actually knocks your door
  • You can enjoy a live video when somebody is standing at your doorstep
  • When the screw is getting removed you get a silent alarm


  • The camera is only 720p which is low for today’s standards


One of the most impressive benefits of the Xiaomi doorbell has been the amazingly low price. It comes to you at the price of $17.55, which is among the lowest prices for doorbells. Xiaomi usually makes special offers when you are buying multiple items and gadgets from their official site, so the final price may be reduced for you.

How to install

There is only one screw to fix when you want to place the doorbell right next to your door. You may also do it with a double face tape that will keep it stable for as long as you wish. Then the internal speakers can be also placed on any wall, or you may simply leave them on the table. There is a chance to connect up to four different speakers in a 50 meters radius from the doorbell so that you can have access to the outside camera and audio no matter where you are in your house.

Who can use 

All people that know how to pair a device in their router and Xiaomi application can operate the doorbell. There are no special instructions about how you can connect the Xiaomi doorbell with all the other devices, but it is a piece of cake for most users.

How to order

As mentioned above there is always the chance to order it through the Xiaomi official website, and get rebated and free shipping. However, many people prefer to order the Xiaomi doorbell from their local online or physical retail stores that may have some better prices from time to time. 

Customer support

When buying a Xiaomi product you can be sure that after-sales service remains superb. People all around the world have access to a local hotline where live representatives are there to answer all your questions and give you more detailed information about the product.

Others to know

Xiaomi Doorbell belongs to the home automation series of the company. The best thing to do is to bind the doorbell with all your smart home devices so that you can have access to all the closed-circuit cameras and other appliances that you may operate wirelessly whenever you feel like.


Here are some of the major questions about Xiaomi Doorbell people ask online:

Can ring doorbell be stolen?

The Xiaomi Doorbell gives you a silent alarm when somebody tries to steal it so you have plenty of time to intimidate thieves.

Are Xiaomi Doorbells worth the money?

Xiaomi Doorbells are making your house a smart hub and give you many remote options. They are worth the money invested in them since they are making your place safe and secure

How can Xiaomi Doorbell connect to the other devices?

Xiaomi Doorbell has pre-installed the Xiaomi application for smart homes and it can connect directly after you place its batteries inside.


It is sure that Xiaomi has offered to the public the Doorbell which is a device that can help them protect their property and themselves from people coming to the doorstep. Not to mention, that you can use the doorbell to view who is knocking and even open the door when you feel like to. For sure, this Xiaomi doorbell review helped you a lot.

xiaomi doorbell review





  • You can detect any movement close to your door
  • There is a ring on your doorbell when somebody knocks on your door
  • You will get a silent alarm when the screw is getting removed


  • The camera is only 720p which is low for today's standards
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