Once more Xiaomi has presented the most magnificent type of speakers that can be connected to your smartphone and other music reproduction devices so that you can enjoy your favorite songs with your friends. These speakers have the greatest sound fidelity compared to all the previous series and can be connected directly using the Bluetooth 4.0 protocol, which is among the most competent you can find online now. Check out this Xiaomi Speaker review.

Brand overview

Xiaomi has been creating speakers even since it has made its appearance to the world market. The Chinese giant has the best quality compared to the mediocre price you are about to pay to have it. You have also the chance to make and receive phone calls when you have it paired to your smartphone, using the integrated microphone. Xiaomi insists on design giving you an aluminum frame and the best handling so that you can have it always with you without the feat to make it fall and destroy it.



It has a powerful battery of 1,400 mAmp which is among the biggest in the market. You can enjoy more than 12 hours of continuous music play without the need to recharge its battery. The speakers weigh less than 270 grams which are among the lightest in its category. Since teenagers are very likely to want some color variations, the speakers come in gold, pink, and blue colors. The AUX and USB ports are always there to ensure privacy when you want, and quick transmittance of data or MP4 songs to the internal memory card.

Benefits / Reasons to choose

You will choose the Xiaomi speakers for the quality of sound produces. Not to mention that you can have a big variety of loudness so that you can cover a large room with only one Xiaomi speaker. The device can recharge in less than an hour and be ready for the next 12 hours of non-stop music reproduction and play.

The built-in microphone gives you the assurance that you will not miss a call when you have your smartphone connected. There are also three buttons on the front panel: the pairing button for Bluetooth devices, the power on/off button and the volume control. All these are easy to find and operate giving you the best solution when you want to relax and enjoy your music.

Pros & Cons

Many benefits and drawbacks are associated with the Xiaomi Speakers:


  • Premium design
  • Clear sound even at the full volume level
  • Microphone ensures you will never miss a call
  • Affordable price


  • Micro SD card is not easy to install
  • The USB cable should be longer to access devices that stand far away


You can buy the Xiaomi Bluetooth speakers at an incredible price of $48.99 on Amazon. It has been apparent that you can have special discounts and rebates on Xiaomi official website that can give you free shipping almost anywhere in the world. It is the most affordable price for a speaker of that quality, you can find online and at physical stores as well.

How to install

You can install the Xiaomi Speakers with no hassle. Simply charge the battery and press the power-on button. Then you need to ensure that your smartphone is detectable by Bluetooth protocol and press the Bluetooth connection button on the front panel of the Xiaomi speakers.

There is nothing else you should do. The speakers are now connected to your device and you are ready to reproduce your favorite music, or use it as your microphone making and receiving phone calls.

Who can use 

Everyone is eligible to use the Xiaomi speaker. Their wireless nature makes them perfect for people who are always on the go. Athletes and drivers that are always on their route somewhere or moving constantly would be more eager to have them. Additionally, teenagers who like to listen to their favorite songs with their friends would be the first customers to order them online.

How to order

You can order the Xiaomi speakers either from the big online retailers like Amazon and eBay or directly from the Xiaomi website. Either way, you have to be reassured that you get a money-back guarantee for your order in case you are not fully satisfied with your purchase or you got a defected device.

Customer support

If you feel you have some inquiries, don’t hesitate to call the local Xiaomi call center representatives. There you will find the support you need for the Xiaomi software and hardware, especially for the Xiaomi speaker that keeps on being the most popular item in the online sales department.

Others to know

You should know that the speakers have a waterproof technology making them resistant to any amount of water falling on them. You can also have them operating on battery mode using an external source of charging for better results.


These are some questions we found online:

How can I clean my speaker?

The only way to clean it efficiently is with a soft cloth after you get it lightly soaked in some mild soap and water.

Is Xiaomi speaker waterproof?

Xiaomi speaker is waterproof and you can use it outdoors without any hassle.

How can I connect my Xiaomi soundbar?

You simply need to press the central button for Bluetooth connectivity and all the soundbar is going to be connected automatically.


For most of us, Xiaomi is the best Chinese technology brand that is around for many years now. The Xiaomi speakers are the best ones you can find to connect your mobile devices and enjoy the best sound quality, without paying a fortune to do so.

Xiaomi has heavily invested in sound quality and fidelity. You will soon find that the lightweight profile of the device, alongside the crisp sound quality and the premium design, make the rest of the competition to stay with fewer sales than ever before.

Give yourself a chance to enjoy quality music and get the Xiaomi speakers that you were always dreaming of. You already know what to expect through this Xiaomi Speaker review.

Xiaomi Speaker





  • premium design
  • clear sound even at the full volume level
  • affordable price


  • Micro SD card is not easy to install
  • The USB cable should be longer to access devices that stand far away
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