Xiaomi just keeps coming up with awesome new products that shake up the consumer appliance segment every time they launch a new product. The Xiaomi Mijia Projector is one of those products. Xiaomi just broke the mold of what projectors should look like with this new Xiaomi Mijia projector. Check out this Xiaomi Mijia projector review.

This product seems like something that Apple would make but didn’t. Kudos to Xiaomi for doing such a good job on the design and features innovation for each product they come up with. Now let’s take a look further at what this capable little portable projector has to offer

Design – not your run-off-the-mill projector

The Xiaomi Mijia Projector is built on a light body structure and is compact. Handling and conveying around is simple. Even a child can comfortably move the system from one location to the next, which is a plus point on the level of comfort it provides.

It’s nice to see all the corners are built with rounded edges, are pretty safe to use, and not feel rough on the hands. The Xiaomi Mijia Projector has dual-tone colors, i.e. white and black, which looks basic and clean. Therefore, to add to elegance and personality, it can be used at office tables or in homes.

There is a manual for the consumer to understand the workings of the product all around. The company provides a Bluetooth remote controller, batteries, and a power converter, in addition to the projector. So, there’s all in the kit and you just need to open the box and just use everything. We still look and expect the Mijia projector lineup to look tidy and clean. No big logo, no other brand-specific language, or tagline. White color is the symbol of peace after all and looks calming to our heads. The outer body was built using a certain hard plastic material with a white finish on top.

A black cloth-like material along with a large lens centered at the top right corner was used on the face. There is also a small camera inside concealed to operate for automatic trapezoidal correction or autofocus functions. The designers offered a nice array of ventilation holes at the top portion at the backside. There are some handy interface ports right at the edge, too. So, using these ports, a user can take advantage of connecting other gadgets to the Xiaomi Mijia projection system.

The Xiaomi projector’s top surface has a power-button. This provides a lot of conveniences when flipping the On / Off unit. There is nothing on the sides. There are firm pads at the four corners on the bottom rim, and there is also a logo marking. Also, four screw holes have been created at its bottom surface to improve the usability of the Mijia projection system. Therefore a consumer can attach stands to the device easily.

Installation – easy as can be

Xiaomi Mijia Projector provides standard guide steps after first boot up that can help a newbie start using the device without any hassle. No need for repetitive debugging and the different functions work well. You need to initially configure the Wi-Fi network and remote controller. You can also create a Mijia account that may take a few minutes but it’s good to have one.

Features – all the basics and more


Xiaomi Mijia Projector features a normal HDMI out port, a mother USB-A port, an audio output 3.5 mm jack, and a power input jack. And in the present situation, we can assume that the physical links with wireless access are enough for most people!


The Xiaomi Mijia Projector provided a built-in loudspeaker. The best aspect is machine acoustics, which Dolby has fined-tuned. For music lovers or music fanatics, this is good news. It can have a good impact on bass.


You can easily connect smartphones to the Xiaomi Mijia projector with its Bluetooth connectivity.


It supports the feature of vertical trapezoidal correction. The Xiaomi Mijia Projector’s power consumption is about the same as we would expect from any LED projector. It requires input from a 19V DC. The hardware includes a Texas Instruments-designed 0.33 inch DMD picture chip. Mijia supports viewing multimedia with resolution 1920x1080p, or Full HD.

Not limited to this, it’s also able to project multimedia at 10 bit H.265 @ 60 fps with 4K resolution. The projector offers support for almost all common multimedia formats.

This is capable of projecting a diagonal length display panel with sizes varying from 40 inches to 200 inches. It also supports a projection ratio of 1.2 in its lens, with fixed focus features.

The system is also compatible with the HDR10 dynamic picture. One can also enjoy 3D photography using licensed 3D glasses with probable active shutter effect.


The projector is based on Mali-T830 GPU and Amlogic’s T968-H 4-core A53 CPU with a die size of 28 nanometres. The hardware’s principal memory capacity is 2 GB DDR3. There is a high-speed 8 GB eMMC flash memory for the secondary storage. It’s got Mijia’s MIUI TV as a user interface. The computer supports Wi-Fi 2.4 G / 5 G dual-band signal.

Performance – reliable and rock-solid projection

One can use the convenience of the Xiaomi Mijia projector having an automatic focusing feature. Just give her a vigorous shake to start the focusing feature automatically and re-invoke it. To aid in projecting at an inclined angle, it will automatically correct the image from trapezoidal to rectangular.

The correction only works for directions up and down. There is no adjustment feature to the device’s projection angle. When anyone wants to alter or adjust the elevation of the projection, you need to use some creativity to provide the elevation and cushioning required. To some users, it may be a little frustrating.

With other inbuilt operations, the UI responds well. It functions in such a way as not to interrupt the user’s experience. The system supports 4 K resolution as stated earlier but it only looks good in dark environments.

The Xiaomi Mijia Projector is made for personal as well as professional needs. The reasoning is that with 1080p resolution, it can replicate the natural images. No visible bending of display lines on asymmetric and straight grid.

Because of the HDR10 video decoding function, a broader, higher, and clearer spectrum of colors can be shown on the projector. The machine works well in projecting dark colors, particularly when viewing pure blacks in detail without any loss.

The Xiaomi Mijia projector has a maximum supported brightness of 500 ANSI lumens. Indoor and outdoor conditions at night, one will certainly enjoy seeing the performance projected from it.


  • Portable and simple to use
  • The device consumes less power
  • Vertical trapezoidal correction and instant automatic focusing
  • Supports 3D glasses to enjoy 3D content on a large display output.
  • Bluetooth enabled remote controller


  • Slightly more expensive compared to other portable projectors currently offered
  • Sunlight bleeding into the room can cause issues with the 500 lumens


As mentioned earlier, the price is somewhat steep compared to other offerings, but what you get is a good looking, fully-featured portable projector. If you fancy one then you can buy it for $599 on Amazon.

Parting Thoughts

Overall, Xiaomi Mijia Projector is an excellent kit that provides total comfort. It is an easy to use item and can provide a brilliant show with indoor TV-like visuals.

This can project images with asymmetrical resolution, utilizing the auto-focus feature. The edges and corners of the objects are seen in focus and can be seen in different conditions.

The mobile and Bluetooth networking choices both bode well with the product range making this a strong choice for family and friends to enjoy all-round entertainment.

xiaomi mijia projector





  • portable and simple to use
  • consumes less power
  • blue tooth enabled remote controller


  • expensive
  • issues with 500 lumens
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