It goes without saying that the earbud market has grown immensely. Not only are products becoming cheaper and more efficient, but they are increasingly adapting to the changes in technology as well. Even so, choosing a reliable earbud can be quite daunting. This is because the market has been flooded with an array of earbuds to choose from. While this can be music to most buyers, you can expect some of the products to be of low quality.

One company that has continuously ranked high in producing top-notch earbuds, among other products is Airpod. For some time now, this company has been producing a number of tantalizing earbuds, with the TWs series becoming a major consumer favorite. One of the biggest hits in the market was the 1200 TWS earbud, which made quite a fuss in the market.

However, the new 1500TWS, which was launched recently, is set to make even bigger fuzz. The 1500 TWS is not only an upgrade of its predecessor, but it also features some of the most unique features that an earbud can offer.

Read along to find out what you will possibly enjoy by getting your hands on this product and hopefully get an item that’s worth your money.

1500 TWS-Design

For any product, design plays an integral role. For an earbud, the design should not only be sleek and classy, but should ensure that the consumer is comfortable while using them as well. Additionally, it should always be designed in a manner that depicts a modern flair and style.

The i500TWS, though not quite different from the i200 TWS version when it comes to design, meets the minimal requirements of a stylish earbud. Even so, the i500 TWS has been ingeniously designed to have a bigger space for the battery encasing. This is the only aspect that makes it a bit unique from its predecessor and other competitors in the market.

I500 TWS Features

Sound Quality

For any earphone, the quality of the sound it produces sets it apart from being of high or low quality and goes a long way in determining whether it has actual value for money. The good news is that the i500 TWS earbuds don’t disappoint.

The quality of the sound is perhaps i500 TWs biggest advantage. While this is a wireless earphone, you will be surprised at the quality of the sound it produces. Basically, the i200 TWS earphone saw a demeanor due to the poor quality of the sound, specifically, the bass sound. However, the manufacturers of this product have worked hard to ensure that the mistake is rectified by offering its consumers a product with a much superior bass sound.

Apart from having a superb bass sound quality, the i500 TWs also boasts of other different sound levels. However, as expected, the product has no sound cancellation capabilities. This feature is only available in the TWS headphone series.

Battery Life

With the i600 TWS, the manufacturers sought to correct all the problems experienced in the previous versions. This includes battery life. In the previous versions, users could only use the products for only over an hour before they went dead. This is not the case with the i500 TWS though.

To ensure that its users enjoy using the product, the i500 TWS features a higher quality battery that can last for up to 4 hours. To this effect, the i500 TWS ranks highly in the list of best wireless earphones in the market.

Bluetooth connection

With advances in technology, you can only expect that the i500 TWS features some of the best tech features. Yes, you are correct. This earphone comes built with a powerful 5.0 Bluetooth connection, which is compatible with both android and iOS systems.

If you are using an iPhone, this earphone allows you to check on the battery level through an inbuilt battery feature. Additionally, you can as well connect the earphone to your phone with only a single touch.

On the other hand, you will need to manually connect the device to your phone, if you are running on an android version. Even so, you are guaranteed a strong Bluetooth connection, regardless of the phone you are using, up to 15 meters.

Touch sensor

As mentioned before, technology is quickly advancing and the earphone market isn’t being left behind. One of the most sought after technological features in any modern earphone is the touch sensor feature.  But what is a touch sensor?

Essentially, this is a small section, in the form of a dot that is placed on the side of an earphone. It allows you to pause or play the music you are listening on your earphone, with a single touch. It also allows you to either skip to the next song or move back to the previous song with a double touch. With this feature, you won’t need to take your phone out of your pocket each time you want to change, stop, or skip the song you are listening to.

I500 TWS-Pros and Cons


Powerful Battery Life: As mentioned above, the i500 TWS, unlike its predecessor, has a powerful battery that can last up to 4 hours. This is quite impressive considering that a vast majority of earphones in the market have a battery life that can only last 1 hour on average.

Fast charging: apart from having a decent battery life, the i500 TWS has also been designed with a fast battery charge ability. Once you plug your device on a charger, you will only have to wait for 30 minutes before your device is fully charged.

High-quality sound: You won’t need an earphone that produces deafening or irritating sounds, would you? The i500 TWS has been designed to offer different types of sounds that are of the highest quality. Unlike other earphones that have solely focused on the quality of one sound, this product ensures that all sounds produced are of a higher quality.


As mentioned before, this product has been designed with all the considerations in mind. Due to this, you will unlikely find any downfall that the i500 TWS has.

In a Nutshell

So, is the i500 TWS worth it? With an improved sound quality, impeccable battery life and a sleek, modern design, the i500 TWS is worth all the penny it seeks. You can stand assured that you will be getting a high-quality product at a good bargain.

i500 TWS





  • Powerful battery life
  • Fast charging
  • High-quality sound
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