The collaboration between Xiaomi and Mijia is bringing to light very interesting technological products. 

Now, let me be honest I am super excited to be reviewing this product. With the Mijia Quartz Watch, Xiaomi and Mijia has launched an analog watch with a few digital features. We’ll take a look at the whole thing.

This is the first hybrid watch from Xiaomi and Mijia. Xiaomi has already been successful with the Mi-Band or in cooperation with Amazfit. Xiaomi is now releasing a watch under the Mijia brand.

Packaging and Content

As usual, the packaging of the Mijia Quartz Watch is simple, with a print on the front. On the side are the Mi and Mijia logo. We find the technical data on the back.

Mijia Quartz Watch – Technical Data

  • Color: black / dark gray / blue
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Housing material: stainless steel
  • Battery life: 6 months (manufacturer information)
  • Leather bracelet
  • IP67 dust and water protected
  • Compatible with iOS and Android
  • Dimensions 24 x 4 x 1.19 cm
  • Weight 42 g
  • Scope of delivery 1x smartwatch

Design and Workmanship

The look of the Mijia Quartz Watch is minimalistic. No numbers, just lines for the time. The Mijia logo is emblazoned in the upper area of ​​the watch, and the pedometer is in the lower area. It counts the steps in 1000s, up to a maximum of 20,000 per day. The workmanship is very good. 

The watch is supplied with a leather strap, for example, not with a silicone strap as with other manufacturers. Furthermore, the housing is made of specially hardened stainless steel and is said to be particularly “quirk-resistant”. 

On the one hand, the rounded glass should be easy to read when the sun shines and the hardened glass should also be scratch-resistant. The wheel on the side is unfortunately only intended for BT synchronization with the smartphone. 

The watch is only splash-proof, which means that it should also be removed for showering.

The Android App

To use the Mijia Quartz Watch, you first have to download the Mi Home app. In the app itself, you can search for the “Devices nearby” registration. You should see the clock there. Then you have to go through the setup process. 

Setup Process

So here is the procedure step by step:

1.) Install and start Mi Home. When asked for the location must be specified “mainland China”, otherwise it does not work !!!

2.) Next, tap on “Register” at the top. In the next window below on “Password registration” if you already have a Xiaomi login or register for a short time. After that, the logged-in account should be visible on the start screen.

3.) Connect the Xiaomi Mijia Smartwatch via “Add device”, after which it should be found directly. Select and then press the button on the watch several times in succession when prompted.

4.) Now the clock should be found and connected. Finally, just click on “Use now”.

5.) Despite everything, the next steps are unfortunately in Chinese. But no problem. First, the year of birth and month are queried.

6.) Next the gender, where female is at the top and male at the bottom.

7.) Now the height in cm

8.) And the weight in kg

9.) The initialization starts immediately afterward. When the Xiaomi Mijia Smartwatch connect is complete, tap at the top left to return to the main screen. Scroll down to the bottom on “Profile” -> “Settings” and under “Language” you have to select “English”. 

10.) Now connect the Xiaomi Mijia Smartwatch by selecting it and the menu will appear in English. The correct time zone must now be specified hereunder “World Clock”. Here you select your city and confirm with “Ok” in the top right corner.

11.) In the next step, the new time zone must be activated so that the clock runs correctly. To do this, select your city from the list, then select “Set as the watch time “and the hands should move to the correct time.

12.) Done.

Once the setup is complete, everything is displayed in English, time is set correctly, and you will also see all functions in English.

Anyone who has overcome this first hurdle will be a little surprised at first because the Mi Home app doesn’t really offer much information.

No wonder, because the Xiaomi Mijia Smartwatch actually only has two functions. The pedometer and alarm clock. It is not more. A “call reminder” is displayed in the app, but it only works in conjunction with iOS or a smartphone with the MIUI ROM.

Overview of app functions:

  • World clock
  • Interval reminder
  • Caller vibration (max. 10 callers or groups defined)
  • Alarm

The functions of the Mijia Quartz Watch are just as minimalist as the clock itself. The world clock is good, you can configure the clock to the time zone you are in with one click. Unfortunately, the whole thing does not work automatically. 

The interval reminder serves as a reminder, for example, that you should move every hour, and can be configured from 1-60 minutes. 

The caller vibration does not vibrate as intended with every call, but the respective caller must be defined beforehand! I was able to determine the callers in the test, but when I saved the app, it crashed on every test device. I think functionality will be added as an update here.


  • Fits your wrist easily
  • Minimalistic design 
  • Affordable price
  • High durability


  • Low functions
  • Hard setup process
  • Similar to a dialog watch

Xiaomi Mijia Quartz – My Opinion

The Xiaomi Mijia Quartz Watch is optically a very chic watch. As mentioned at the beginning, it is minimalistic, but still an eye-catcher. For me, the features are more of an eye-catcher. 

The pedometer jumps in 400 steps, which is quite strange. I cannot use the Mi app, I have to use the Mi Home instead. It wasn’t a problem for me, but I think that would put some potential buyers off, especially since the app also has to be used. 

Otherwise, the watch cannot be used. Added to this are the sparse functions and the non-functioning caller vibration. I also find it unfavorable that the wheel on the side cannot be used to set the clock manually. 

The watch is great in terms of comfort, and I say for a good analog watch, the customer pays roughly the same as for the Xiaomi and Mijia Quartz Watch. Watch lovers can have access to this, people who primarily want to use the smart functions should rather use the Miband.


You can get the Xiaomi and Mijia Quartz Watch at $86.92 at Gearbest


It is the best watch for the minimalistic man.



In general, the Xiaomi and Mijia Quartz Watch delivers for watch lovers even with its minimalistic functions. For pedometers, it is the best device if you want to count your daily steps. At an affordable price, Xiaomi once again proves that it has its customers interest at heart. 

xiaomi and mijia





  • fits perfectly
  • minimalist design
  • affordable price
  • durability


  • low functions
  • hard setup process
  • similar to dialog watch
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