Since the invention and first presentation of action cameras to the public, Xiaomi had the chance to learn a lot and improve. That is how it has released the Action Camera that makes a difference among the other competitors. People from all around the world are selecting this action camera for the guarantee that Xiaomi brand gives to them. Not to mention the quality standards that are on the highest levels you could possibly ask for. Check out this xiaomi action camera review to guide you.

Brand overview

Xiaomi gives you the new and improved 4K Action Camera which is highly water and heat resistant to allow you to carry it on to your expeditions. The compact size is a lot easier for you to handle and the crisp picture, as well as the rich colors, are going to amaze you. For all the newcomers, Xiaomi is the action camera that can guarantee satisfaction and give you the best videos from your excursions no matter what the weather conditions would be.


This action camera is made from quality plastic and aluminum alloy to ensure both endurance and lightweight design. It comes in a perfect case where you can find the batteries, the USB charging, and connecting cables as well as the tripod that is going to help you a lot to stabilize the camera when necessary.

It features a 2.4 inches touch screen and the processing imaging chip is the Ambarella A12S75 combined with the SONY IMX317 8 MP sensor giving you the most breathtaking pictures and videos. The camera can be also adjusted to drones to give you perfect aerial views.

There is also a wide-angle lens to offer you pictures of 145 degrees width that are highly appreciated by the audience. The battery is the Li-Ion 1,400mAmp rechargeable that can give you up to three consecutive hours of video recording in the high analysis. Finally, the highest picture resolution it can achieve is the impressive 3840 X 2160. 

Benefits / Reasons to choose

You certainly have many reasons to choose the Xiaomi Action Camera. First, it’s one of the most affordable in the market. Then you can buy it directly from the official online store and earn some rebates and discounts. Also, the camera is durable and waterproof making it easy for you to use it outside in the wilderness. 

The lightweight design is another strong point of this action camera, as well as the generous guarantee that Xiaomi offers to its customer and the after-sales service that remains extraordinary.

Pros & Cons

As with any possible device, there are some pros and cons to the purchase of the Xiaomi Action Camera


  • It has the biggest touch screen among the competition
  • You can record videos even at low lighting in a good quality
  • The battery life is satisfying
  • More lightweight design and grippy than others in the same class
  • The only camera giving you native 4K video at 30fps
  • Gives you more for the money spent


  • There is no soft case included in the package
  • If you want to go underwater you need to buy a separate waterproof case
  • Only the in-built microphone is allowed
  • Stabilization methods are hard to achieve


The price starts from as low as $199.99 at the Amazon website. You may also buy it from the official website for less especially if you combine it with other Xiaomi products. Free shipping is always included in such orders.

How to install

There are several ways to install the Xiaomi Action Camera. The easiest keeps on being the Bluetooth protocol connection to the other peripherals you may have, like the smartphones and smart TV sets. However, there is always the chance to connect it through a USB cable or an HDMI one where the USB cable is not an option. 

All the Xiaomi applications are already pre-installed and you don’t need to download anything to start operating and pairing your camera with any other mobile device.

Who can use 

The camera can be used by anyone who knows the basics of taking pictures and have a video recording. However, it will work better with professionals who know how to stabilize the camera better and take pictures from odd sites like drones and helmets.

How to order

The most usual way to order the action camera would be through the Amazon or eBay websites. However, others prefer to order it from the official Xiaomi site to gain some extra discounts and rebates as well as better prices for other Xiaomi products.

Customer support

Xiaomi has established a worldwide network of live operators that can communicate with you to resolve any potential issue. There is a customer support center close to you that speaks in your language so that you don’t have to worry about anything.

Others to know

The action camera comes with many features of connectivity and is the most powerful model you can find for that price range. 4K videos and ultra analysis pictures can be there for you anytime you feel like using the camera on excursions or expeditions and action sports.


Some of the questions customers ask include:

Is the action camera good for photography?

Xiaomi action cameras have nothing to be jealous of from other photography cameras.

How do I transfer videos from my action camera to my smartphone?

Using the Bluetooth protocol would be the correct answer.

How do I connect my action camera to Wi-Fi?

You may connect it through the wi-fi receiver of the action camera since it can recognize all possible broadband internet routers.


This xiaomi action camera review proves that Xiaomi has been a pioneer in providing the best lightweight and compact action cameras you may find online. It offers its products through its website as well as other online retailers. You can have a money-back guarantee in case you are not completely satisfied with it. This action camera would be the only camera you would need for that reason.

Xiaomi Action Camera





  • biggest touch screen among competition
  • good quality video even in low lighting
  • long battery life
  • lightweight
  • 4k video at 30fps


  • no soft case included in the package
  • can't be use underwater unless you have a waterproof case
  • limited with built-in microphone
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