If you’ve been in the market for a vacuum cleaner for a while, you probably have heard the buzz going around about robot vacuums. Of Course, as the world moves to make everything automatic, so is the vacuum cleaning market. Check out this Xiaomi Vacuum Robot review.

Even so, one of the robot vacuum cleaners making the headlines in recent times is the Xiaomi vacuum robot. This Chinese made cleaning product has in recent years become so popular in most parts of Europe. However, as much as the cleaner has been embraced in the east, it has not received much consideration in the U.S market?

But why is that the case? Can this fairly new player make an impression against major US industry players like Neato and Roomba? Well, time will tell. However, if the indications, including the features and a premium price, are anything to go with, the Xiaomi vacuum robot is a force to be reckoned with.

To get a conclusive answer to whether this product is worth the hype and if it can compete with other forces in the industry, this article will delve into the nitty-gritty of this product. 

You will get a comprehensive answer to what features, cost, and design this product has. Additionally, this review will identify the different pros and cons that this product might have. Read along to find out. 

Xiaomi Vacuum Robot Design


When it comes to the overall design, the Xiaomi vacuum robot has been designed with a sleek, circular exterior. Even so, this is not quite uncommon compared to other robot vacuum cleaners in the market today. 

However, what makes this design unique is the bumper ring that has been built around the perimeter of the vacuum cleaner. 

Unlike other vacuum cleaners in the market, this ring enables the cleaner to comfortably run past any huge obstacles on its way with ease. 

While this may not be the case more often, this design ensures that the cleaner is less prone to any damages. 


To a more unique design, this Xiaomi vacuum cleaner comes with the latest state of the art laser distance sensor. You may wonder what this does. 

Basically, the sensors make it possible for the vacuum cleaner to map out your entire home while cleaning. Feature works with a small ring situated at the top of the cleaner. 

This makes it possible for the cleaner to move around your house without running into any objects such as your chair. 


There are different elements that make the Xiaomi robot vacuum stand out from the rest, and its aesthetic value is one of them.  

Essentially, the Xiaomi vacuum robot has been designed to give an overall white and simple aesthetic value. 

Combined together, the simplicity and white look give this product an allure of modern living. 

Xiaomi Vacuum Robot

Xiaomi Vacuum Robot- How Does it Clean?

Unlike many other robin vacuum cleaners in the market, the Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner utilizes a number of tactics while cleaning. Even so, each and every tactic utilized contributes to the overall cleaning of your home. 

In a nutshell, the vacuum cleaner works using the major principles built on any other cleaner out there. It maps out your entire room,  seeks out any form of dirt, including debris, and finally sucks in any dirt that has been identified during the process.  


As mentioned before, the Xiaomi vacuum robot cleaner has been designed with lasers. These sensors enable the vacuum robot to move around your house with no hassle. 

Actually, unlike other vacuum robots in the market, the Xiaomi vacuum robot comes with 12 different sensors to ensure optimal mapping and cleaning. 

With these sensors, you can rest assured that the vacuum robot will effectively map out your house and conduct an efficient cleaning session. 


As you would expect, the Xiaomi vacuum robot cleaner also uses other physical cleaning attributes such as spinning and rolling brushes. These brushes have been strategically placed under the unit to ensure maximum cleaning of your house. 

For the spinning brush, it ensures that all the dirt, including debris, is swept into the suctioning part also placed beneath the vacuum robot. On the other hand, the rolling brushes ensure that all the dirt is lifted before being sucked k to the unit. 

Xiaomi vacuum robot: Size and Dimensions

When it comes to the actual stature and size, the Xiaomi vacuum robot has quite similar dimensions as most other vacuum robots in the market today. 

The vacuum robot has a diameter of 13.6 inches and a height of 3.8 inches, while the overall weight is 8.4 pounds. 

As compared to other cleaners in the category, this vacuum cleaner has a pretty much standard size in terms of measurements.

Xiaomi vacuum robot-Pros and Cons


Less costly: The price is one of the things that make this cleaner rank highly amongst its competitors. Basically, it comes at a much cheaper price compared to other vacuum robots in the market such as Neato Botvac.

While the Xiaomi vacuum robot is cheap, it does not compromise on quality and delivers quality work just like its more established competitors. 

Powerful battery: When it comes to automated robots, the strength of the battery plays an integral role.

For the Xiaomi vacuum robot, it comes fitted with a 5,200 mAH battery that ensures a longer running time while cleaning. 

Remote control: As expected, the Xiaomi vacuum robot has been designed with technology that enables it to be operated remotely. 

With an inbuilt WIFI capability, you can control your cleaning operation from a distance using this product. 

Ability to schedule: The timer designed in the cleaner enables you to schedule cleaning sessions with ease. 


It does not come with accessories: This is one of the biggest downsides to this product. Unlike many other established vacuum robots in the market, the Xiaomi vacuum robot does not come with any accessories such as a filter or brush on the side. 

-Inefficient corner cleaning: Due to its design in terms of built, the Xiaomi vacuum robot faces a lot of difficulty cleaning around square corners. This makes it less efficient. 

-Unrefined apps: The software installed in a vacuum robot directly controls how it operates. While the Xiaomi vacuum robot comes with standardized apps, they need more refinement.  This includes the ability to take instructions and display different languages.


Getting your hands on a formidable vacuum robot cleaner can be daunting. However, this does not have to be the case. You can get all the information you need on different products in a bid to help you make an informed decision. For sure, this Xiaomi Vacuum Robot review helped you a lot.

Xiaomi Vacuum Robot





  • Less costly
  • Powerful battery
  • Remote control
  • ability to schedule


  • No accessories
  • Inefficient corner cleaning
  • Unrefined apps
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