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Industrial Aluminum Profiles Have Broad Prospects in the Future

Industrial aluminum profiles are relative to architectural aluminum profiles. In general, industrial aluminum profiles refer to all-aluminum profiles except building doors and windows, curtain walls, interior, and exterior decoration and aluminum profiles for building structures. In the industrial field, at present, China’s industrial aluminum profiles account for about 33% of the total application of aluminum profiles, mainly used in the transportation industry (including automobile manufacturing, rail transportation), machinery and equipment manufacturing, and durable consumer goods (including light industry). ), in view of the fact that the proportion of industrial aluminum profiles in the entire aluminum profile products is too low, the relevant national departments have provided guidance on the consumption structure of aluminum profiles. One of the main objectives of the structural adjustment of the aluminum industry is to increase the proportion of high value-added processed materials. The ratio of industrial profiles to architectural profiles is 7:3.
From the perspective of the past aluminum consumption structure, the transportation industry is an important consumption area for industrial aluminum profiles. The transportation industry can also be divided into four areas: automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, rail transportation, and aerospace.
Automotive Manufacturing
China Automotive Engineering Society clearly stated that in 2020, 2025 and 2035, the annual production and sales scale of automobiles will reach 30 million, 35 million and 38 million respectively, of which the sales of new energy vehicles will reach 7% and 15% and 40% respectively. According to the latest “Technology Roadmap for Energy Saving and New Energy Vehicles”, in 2030, the amount of aluminum used in automobile bicycles exceeded 350 kg. At present, the average aluminum consumption of passenger cars in developed countries has reached 145 kg. Therefore, for the automotive industry, the market for aluminum in the future is very broad.
Shipbuilding industry:
Due to its huge weight advantage and its excellent corrosion resistance, aluminum is undoubtedly an important material used in ship construction in the future. Some countries also use aluminum alloys to build yachts, fishing boats, and so on. In the current marine transportation vessels, the utilization rate of aluminum alloys is also quite high, and steel has been successfully replaced in many key parts, and gradually shows advantages. However, China has not yet officially started in this field, which is undoubtedly a market with great potential.
Whether it is a high-speed rail or a subway car, the main material is an aluminum alloy. Industry experts pointed out that by 2030, the compound annual growth rate of aluminum for rail transit equipment manufacturing should be above 22%. All magnetic trains and high-speed trains with a speed of more than 200 kilometers per hour must be made of aluminum alloy. All trains with a speed of more than 350 kilometers should be made of aluminum except for the chassis. The manufacture of rail vehicles not only requires the application of large materials but also some plates, foils, pipes, forgings, etc., as well as small windows such as doors and windows, luggage racks, decorative parts, storage cabinets, carts, etc. At present, magnetic suspension vehicles and high-speed rail bodies with a speed of more than 200 km/h have all been aluminized, and the aluminized rate of other rail vehicles has exceeded 40%. Aluminum for rail transit has become the new blue ocean for the domestic aluminum profile market in the future.
Aerospace industry:
The aerospace industry is the highest technical threshold in the four fields. Some domestic enterprises have also begun to successfully obtain orders, which will undoubtedly drive more aluminum companies to join in and increase the localization rate of this high-end aluminum. China has not yet officially started in this field, which is undoubtedly a market with great potential.

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