Prawn salad with chips and avocado

1.Cut 1 avocado in half, remove the pit, dice the flesh, peel and pit the mango, dice and set aside.

2.Wash and remove the shell of 250g shrimps, remove the thread from the back, cook and dice, leave a few for decoration.

3.In a bowl, combine all the ingredients. Add a little salad dressing, mustard and salt. Mix well.

4.Transfer the salad mixture to the plain potato chips.Top the salad with a shrimp, crisps and avocado prawns to finish!

Chicken salad in vinaigrette

1.Olive oil 3 tablespoons, white wine vinegar 2 tablespoons, sprinkle a little salt, black pepper, grapefruit juice, mixed into a sauce.

2.Cook chicken breast in brine and let it cool. Slice grapefruit meat.

3.Mix shredded chicken with arugula, cucumbers and other vegetables. Add grapefruit pieces. Garnish with vinaigrette.

4.Sprinkle some small walnuts will be very fragrant.

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