Now and then, brands keep on innovating multi-versions of Airpods which come with advanced and better specifications to suit your needs. Now, the new arrival of i200 TWS in the market comes with a bang! from a private company that manufactures wireless earphones in Guangdong China. Check out this i200 TWS review.

The new product comes loaded with unique features and it’s now in Northern and Southern Europe, Northern America, Africa, and Southeast Asia. It’s a product that has gone through scrutiny and later certified by CE and RoHS. This tells you that it conforms with safety, health and environment protection standards for products that are mandatorily required for a variety of company’s products.

Concerning buyer reviews, in relation to customers’ feedback about the product, 92% give the i200 TWS a five star, which means that it is an amazing product with fast shipment and also at an affordable price tag. i200 TWS is a product of choice among other Airpods which might lack the capacity to satisfy your needs as a customer. Next, we look at what really accompanies this awesome product, specifications which never leave you doubting.


With every trending reality of i200 TWS, it means that the earbuds do not come lightly as some may think, but its features, is the reason behind the trending news, in 2020. Going through customers’ feedback summary, there is a lot to do with congratulatory messages as well as recommendations due to the technology employed in creating the product. To start with;

i200 TWS is lightweight. 

This sounds good since they won’t be a luggage in one’s ears. The product weighs 100 grams

Attractive Design. 

The i200 TWS is a solid gadget. It has a metallic charging box that closes quickly due to the magnetic hinges which are in good condition and should, therefore, be durable. Has got a light sensor that helps one to know when its charging using light and alternatively, a USB cable is available to connect to the port at the bottom.

Wireless Metallic Charging Case. 

To most of us, it has become the most attractive feature for i200 TWS. A wireless charging which means one doesn’t need to come along with the tiny USB cabling which can be lost easily by either misplacing or dropping it unknowingly. This specification helps one to simply put the charging metallic case on top of the Qi charging system and one thing to smile about is, it has no side effects towards the battery.

The Pop-Up. 

Yes! A pop-up that will aid you in linking to a Bluetooth node and also helps one to get information on charging percentages i200 TWS and the charging box separately. 

We can conclude this feature by saying, the pop-up box gives this product a nickname, let’s say, a pro product also due to the interface that looks attractive.

The Ear Buddings. i200 TWS comes with two wireless, separate earbuds that can be uniquely and independently connected using your smartphone. The reason for independent connections is to enhance audio performance since you can be able to check or identify which one of those earphones is giving you some trouble. 

This works well when connections get lost and you are unable to identify which of the buds is functioning. When making or picking a call from a friend, i200 TWS works very smart without distortions. In fact, one can be retained in a box and the other can be used to make or receive calls.

Ear-Sensor. What happens with normal wired earphones is, when the playing music stops, either a wire has worn out or music has stopped. Using i200 TWS, music will stop when a sensor automatically senses that one earbud is out. So, you try to remove them from your ears, the music stops and when put back, the playlist continues to roll. This means, no need to restart a song again unlike what many other earphones would behave and cause you to start over music again.

Battery Life Span. Leaving without telling you about its battery performance would be discouraging. i200 TWS, battery life, is 210 minutes if on continuous use. It’s the only factor that might make you a little bit prickly, but with the already provided charging mechanisms, nothing to worry about. This gives it a balance.

Quality Audio Performance. No one likes a distracting sound be it from large speakers or a phone. But with i200 TWS, the audio performance is one of a kind since it is smooth and soft. Using tremble and bass audio features provided, you can control and get what you desire. So, i200 TWS is a check when it comes to sounds.


Connecting to a smartphone. After learning this, it won’t be a headache anymore. Enable the Bluetooth on your iPad or iPhone by turning it on. Next, open the top of your wireless charging box and ensure their close proximity. A pop-up on your iPhone or iPad will display. Click on the button behind the i200 charging box. Now you can transfer data easily.

Putting off music. With i200 TWS, you don’t need to go back to the phone to put off music. By removing the earphones from your ears, the music stops. Putting them back, makes music or any other content to resume playing.

Change display name. You’ve got a choice to change the name of your i200 TWS or by default, continue using the provided names. This is what you do; On your settings menu, select Bluetooth and click on ‘Air’ listing. Just select the already provided name for the ‘Air’ on the top. From there, just enter the name you prefer to give to your earbuds, then tap/click on the done tab.


  • Great sound quality
  • Amazing price for its feature
  • Has a very useful in-ear sensor
  • Amazing wireless charging


  • 3.5-hour battery life


What the manufacturers have done and are focusing on, is to provide users of this product with an outstanding experience both in specifications and its price. In comparison to the latest releases that came onboard to join the TWS family, i200 TWS, an Airpods clone is available in the market at $8.99. It is an affordable price and gives value to your money. Anyone can grab one, for the best entertainment like no other. This is an i200 TWS review

i200 TWS





  • great sound quality
  • amazing price for its feature
  • has a very useful in-ear sensor
  • amazing wireless charging


  • 3.5-hour battery life
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