The Xiaomi’s Huami’s Amazfit Bip 2 has caught the attention of the naturally health-conscious individuals. It is like their dreams finally coming to reality. This magic square offers users immediate answers when it comes to basic vital signs questions that were once only answered during clinic visits. Check this Amazfit Bip 2 review.

Amazfit Bip Smartwatch by Huami with All-Day Heart Rate and Activity Tracking, Sleep Monitoring, GPS, Ultra-Long Battery Life, Bluetooth, US Service and Warranty (A1608 Black)

Amazfit Bip 2 Review: Who Can Use It?

The Huami’s Amazfit Bip 2 is the cousin of the value-packed Amazfit Bit. It is the most perfect gift from a caring son or a loving daughter to his/ her parents.

Design Impressions

(sleek, simple and it seems like it’s not even there, just like any Huami wearables)

We get it now. It doesn’t mean that we are “old”, we are boring. So, what does the new old mean? The new old wears color. Huami’s Amazfit Bip 2’s goal is more into health, suitable for the use of the elderly. Did I say the elderly? What I meant to say is, to the young at heart with a crown of silver.

Imagine yourself wearing a reflective square with a color screen display on your wrist so you can check the message clearly that is the Amazfit Bip 2 smartwatch.

Amazing Features for the health-watcher

Huami’s Amazfit Bip 2’s focus is to monitor heart health continuously.

It is the first smartwatch to support ECG monitoring in the mainstream smartwatch market. Equipped with both ECG and BioTracker PPG sensors, these two sensors accurately monitor the heart rate continuously 24/7. 

Fact-checker: BioTracker PPG sensor is a high-precision bio tracking optical sensor independently developed by Huami Technology.

Huami’s Amazfit Bip 2 is also using algorithms and AI.

It can capture in real-time the electrical activity of the heart and detect blood volume changes in the microvascular bed of tissue.

Come to think of it, its ECG version also comes with a personal activity intelligence (PAI) that helps users accurately understand their health status anytime, anywhere. This information can help them decide when to seek medical treatment and can even save their lives on time.

 In short, it is a portable sexy heart clinic.

What kind of smartwatch user are you?

An ordinary smartwatch user is content with the basic features.

The AMAZFIT Bip 2 health watch gives motor status recording, analyses such as step and shallow sleep, adequate activity, sitting, calorie consumption, walking time, standing,  deep sleep, sleep duration, reminders to drink water, that the user is in a sedentary state and time to take medicine among others

The above functions are normal for a smartwatch.

What is extraordinary is the functionality of a smartwatch for users with a need for heart rate monitoring, the Amazfit Bip 2, which is based on  NB-IoT (narrowband Internet of things) technology, able to collect the heart rate data of users 24/7 with a daily rate of 50Hz. It is definitely a must-buy.

Are there such Cons?

It is waterproof for up to a depth of 30 meters.

The screen material is made of 2.5D Corning gorilla glass 3 plus Anti-Finger coating.

Gorilla Glass 3 is a durable and scratch-resistant product from Corning that is used to protect the screens of tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices.

It is such a downer when the battery life is short. When using this smartwatch, the PPG detection needs to be turned on 24/7, which requires the user to charge the unit at least once in seven days, unlike its older cousin, Amazfit Bip.

No GPS? No Problem?

People who need heart monitoring do not require strenuous exercise that can beat them up.

Several fitness bands have a built-in GPS feature. A built-in GPS in fitness bands is useful for joggers or cyclers as it can track movements, check weather changes, get statistics on pace and distance covered, among others.

However, people with heart challenges must determine their ideal running heart rate. Moreover, they must measure their heart rate with a chest strap. GPS trackers measure distances and speeds, which can be quite useful for runners and cyclists but not really for people with heart conditions.

However, I must say that it is a needed feature when talking about health.

The Pros: It is a Value-added Product

An ECG costs almost $50, and the exercise stress test is more or less $175. Why would you like to waste money on tests that you do not need? And if needed to do more treatments and tests, it could cost more, which is rather heart-wrenching. It is like losing more in this case. 

The Huami’s Amazfit Bip 2 is only US$99.99 in Amazon, an amazing heart-saving rate.

As the saying goes, we always pay for the value, not the cost. In this case, we get the value for life when using this life-saver, magical square. 

Love life, love health with technology

Huami Technology’s mission is to “promote around the world the power of technology so people can enjoy sports, health, and medical services.”  It plans to launch more smart wearable devices equipped with Huangshan No. 1 and continue to implement it to help more people become healthier. It all begins with the heart, according to this fantastic Amazfit Bip 2 Review.

Amazfit Bip 2





  • ECG feature
  • GPS tracker
  • Gorilla Glass 3 screen


  • battery life is short
  • PPG detection needs to be turned on 24/7
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