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For quite some time now, Xiaomi has set itself up as a force to reckon with when it comes to producing top notch electronic products.

Recently, the company launched its latest state of the art treadmill. But is the Xiaomi Walking Pad really worth it? Can it continue to impress like its previous predecessors? 

Basically, the Xiaomi walking pad is a portable treadmill that makes it the perfect choice to be used both at home or at the office. This is a unique feature that not only makes it stand out from the rest in the market, but a must have treadmill as well. 

So, what features does this treadmill have? How much does it cost? And is it a good choice for you?

This article will delve into the specifics of this treadmill in a bid to give you a first hand impression of the product. Hopefully, this review will go a long way in helping you make an informed decision. 

Xiaomi Walking Pad Features

-Weight: 28 KGS

-Dimensions (Folded): 82cm by 55 cm by 13 cm

-Dimensions (Unfolded): 143cm by 55cm by 13cm

-Remote control capability: Present

-Maximum weight limit: 90 KGS 

– Top speed: 6km/h or 3.7 miles/ hour

Xiaomi Walking Pad Design

When it comes to this product, just like any Xiaomi product, the design is quite spectacular. It stands out to be one of the mist unique treadmills in the market today. 

You may wonder why. Well, as mentioned before, this product has been designed to be foldable. This gives it a unique design that can easily be used anywhere while not compromising on the actual intention of its use. 

Even so, many people will argue that the treadmill weighs 28 KGS and it is quite heavy for one person to use. While this can be the case, the foldable ability of the treadmill makes it possible to be carried from one point to another with ease.

Additionally, to make the entire process of moving the treadmill around even easier, the walking pad comes fitted with wheels. This ingenious design not only makes it stand out from the rest, but ensures that a single person can easily move the treadmill around.

When it comes to durability, the treadmill has been made with alloy. Unlike many other materials, alloy is pretty much string and steady. This ensures that the treadmill is always stable and does not vibrate when using. 

Additionally, it makes it possible to accommodate a maximum of 90 KGS, which is more than the average weight of any adult which is 70kgs. 

Perhaps the only element that makes this design incomplete is the absence of a handrail. However, why would you need a handrail for a walking pad?

 Xiaomi produced this product to be used for walking exercises. So, the presence of a handrail is quite unnecessary. 

Xiaomi Walking Pad: Pros

1.It’s foldable: This is one of the biggest advantages of this treadmill. By the mere fact that it can be folded with ease, means that you can easily store it anywhere in your house. 

2.Presence of wheels: Another advantage of this treadmill is that it has been designed with wheels. This makes it easier for you to move it to storage without any hassle. 

3.High speed: For a walking pad, this product has set the standards so high when it comes to speed. Basically, the 6km/h top speed is quite impressive.

 Apart from the top speed, the Xiaomi walking pad has a speed variation capability. This enables you to adjust different speeds to best suit your desired pace. 

4.Remote control: Xiaomi left no stone unturned when it comes to designing this treadmill. This product comes with the latest and best state of the art technology.

 Apart from incorporating some of the best and trendy apps, this treadmill can also be controlled remotely. This gives you the ability to control different aspects of the treadmill such as speed from a remote control device. 

5.Reduced price: While this walking pad has been designed with some of the most impressive features, you would expect it to be quite expensive. However, the truth is that this treadmill comes at a reduced price.

As compared to a fully fledged treadmill, you can simply get your hands on this walking pad for ⅕ of the price. This makes it quite affordable considering that it can also play the same role of a fully fledged treadmill.

Xiaomi walking pad:Cons

1.Absence of handrail: As much as this is a walking pad, Xiaomi could have thought it better to add a handrail that can be removed whenever it’s unnecessary. 

Additionally, the absence of a handrail makes it quite unstable to use the walking pad. This makes it difficult for older people to use the treadmill because they will be very unstable and can easily be injured.

2.Low maximum speed: The idea behind purchasing a treadmill is to cut down on body weight. It goes without saying that this is a process that takes quite some time and effort. 

Due to this, a maximum speed of 6km/h can be quite low to accomplish your desires of minimizing your body weight. This is because you won’t do much with the treadmill once your body is accustomed to the maximum speed. 

Xiaomi walking pad: Is it worth it?

Just like any other product in the market, the question of whether this treadmill is worth it or not solely depends on your preference and situation. 

If for example you are living in a less secure neighborhood and you can’t walk around safely,  then you most definitely will require this treadmill for your exercises. On the other hand, if you live in a neighborhood where you feel that you can securely walk around, then getting your hands on this treadmill isn’t worth it. 

Additionally, you should also consider other aspects such as the space of your house. If you have a small space in your house, then the Xiaomi walking pad is worth buying. This is because it can easily be folded and rolled for storage. 

Xiaomi Walking Pad





  • It's foldable
  • Presence of wheels
  • High speed
  • Remote control
  • Reduced price


  • Absence of handrail
  • Low maximum speed
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