The exterior is as important as the interior of the house. Garden is the first place that gets the attention of anyone that comes to your house. It needs to be well decorated, clean and tidy so that people get the best impression of its owner’s taste.

You must be thinking that decorating your garden and making it up to date will be a very daunting task and it would cost you so much time and money. Well, you are not completely wrong because most of the trending decoration ideas for the garden are quite expensive and require a lot of effort. But these are not the only choices to modify your garden.

So if you want to change the boring look of the garden but have a low budget and time then you are the right place as we are going to share some easy tips and ideas to update and decorate your garden and make it more appealing.

Hang a mirror:

If your garden is small and there is some dull, boring corner that needs some definition then using a mirror can do the work. This effortless idea will make your garden aesthetically gorgeous.

Low maintenance garden:

Go for a low-maintenance garden by planting such flowers that bloom with least effort. You can choose from a wide variety of seasonal flowers available at a nursery near you at a very reasonable price. You can never go wrong with this idea of adding more color and vibrancy to your garden in less time and money.

Some of the choices are petunia, rose, Jasmine, daylily, etc. You can also plant fruits, vegetables, herbs and other beneficial plants such as lemons, chilies, tomatoes, Aloe Vera, rosemary, basil, and lemongrass.

Keep on adding variety with every changing season and enjoy the freshness a lot more.


Another easy idea is clean the garden is to prune and trim all the trees and plants in the garden in pretty shapes. Do this quite often and never forget any single plant, bushes, trees, and hedges. You can get the help of a gardener for this task.

Fairy lights:

This old but always in style idea is enough to make your garden classier. You can use fairy lights in so many ways to decorate the garden and give a festive look to the garden. Simply hang them around trees or plants or you can put a bunch of fairy lights in mason jars and place them in the patio or near the trees.


A well-organized patio for outdoor gatherings and BBQ parties will make you the best host. This would make your garden more functional.  You can place cushions or bean bags or contemporary table or hang fairy lights as mentioned above to make this place more energetic.

You can also paint your old chairs according to the theme of your outdoor space and place them in that area.


Be a little creative and make things on your own to add a unique touch to your garden. You can browse so many ideas on the net that are easy to make and amazing to decorate the garden. One idea is to turn the bricks into decorative books.

Paint the titles of your favorite books on the old bricks and place them anywhere in your garden. You can also place them on a shelf along the wall.

Another amazing idea is to create cactus lights. This bright display will make your garden livelier. Cut the wooden slab into the shape of cactus or you can join logs of wood in the shape of cactus. Make space in the logs for light bulbs to be fixed. Color it with green paint and your cactus plant is ready. It will add the greenery in the day and bright light in the night to the garden.

Himalayan Salt Lamps:

This unique piece not just glorifies the interior but also lifts up the outdoor décor. These rock salt lamps are available in different shapes and sizes to light up your garden. You can place them in the patio or around any tree. These will add beauty to the garden without much effort. Choose the Path:

You need the perfect area to walk on in your garden. It could be gravel or paved path.

Gravel is a cheap option and very easy to add or remove according to your needs. It is aesthetically very amazing.  The only problem with gravel is that walking on it is sometimes not easy and can be dangerous as well. Maintaining the gravel and using the equipment on it is also not very easy.

The better but a little pricy option is a paved path. It is very easy to walk on it and it also looks very neat and beautiful. So you can choose either of the options according to your budget. 

Decorate the path:

If you already have a paved path then decorate it by planting flowers mentioned above along the lining of the path. You can also place beautifully shaped vases and make it more attractive.

Betty Gabriel (Author Bio)

Hi! There, I am Betty! A writer and blogger at the salt valley. I mostly write about healthy lifestyle, interior and exterior décor. My love for trying out new things is never-ending. My goal is to make my fellow humans aware of such natural things and help them in developing habits that can improve their everyday life as well. I’m on a mission to help people start living a sustainable healthy life. Go Natural, Go Healthy!

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