If you need a good product that can guide you in relation to knowing the exact date or time, your solution may be Xiaomi Watches. These watches are made in China and even so they have proven over time to be a good alternative in the market which is gradually gaining a good reputation and acceptance by consumers. They also have a good aesthetic appearance that will undoubtedly be a good decoration for you.

Xiaomi Watches have a fairly wide resistance, just as they can have other watches manufactured by other companies and at the cost level they are presented as accessible products to be purchased anywhere in the world, below you will be able to know the aspects most outstanding of the best Xiaomi Watches today and you will also have the opportunity to purchase any of these models if it is of interest to you.

Top 5 Best Xiaomi Watches Reviews

Xiaomi Amazfit Smartwatch 

This model of Xiaomi Watches is designed to provide you with the time of course, but it also serves as a heart rate monitor since it can record a quantity of data of the person while exercising. It has a color LCD touch screen. It has a stopwatch, alarm and also includes a timer, additionally, it allows receiving calls, text messages, and managing some social networks and its case is Corning Gorilla made of 2.5 glass.


  • It can last much longer compared to other models depending on how the watch is used.
  • Its screen has great resistance, something that watches in this category do not normally have.
  • It has a value for money which is perfectly balanced and places this watch among one of the best at a good price
  • This product is quite light, it can be placed on the wrist without being a problem both in weight and in its dimensions.


  • Without the application required for the Xiaomi smartwatch, you will not be able to know or make the most of its options and capabilities.
  • As for the altitude, this product is usually not very precise when it comes to giving details about it.
  • The first time you are going to synchronize this Smartwatch with your Smartphone, it may be a bit difficult.

Price – it was 69.97 on Amazon in 2020

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Xiaomi Amazfit Stratos 2 Watch

This is a model of Xiaomi Watches which stands out much more than its previous model since it has the possibility of having more than one use for occasions. It can be used for sports occasions and also for executive environments, it can resist up to 50 meters in water and can also be used as a heart rate monitor since it has a set of features that will allow you to monitor the operation of your body.


  • It is a watch model that has excellent visual aspects (very attractive to the public).
  • It has a large number of functions which can make you perform a large number of tasks with a single product.
  • It has great resistance to be used in the water (you can swim with it in beaches and swimming pools, as well as keep records of your swimming activity).
  • As for its screen, it is quite intuitive, has enough colors, and can be used with great ease.


  • Occasionally this product tends to lose its connection with its devices and as a result, it stops receiving data from your Smartphone.
  • Although its lighting is excellent in sunny places, in places with low lighting it can be a little poor.

Price –  it was $154.83 on Amazon in 2020.

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Xiaomi Pace Watch

This is another model of Xiaomi Watches which also fulfills many other functions, including the fact that this watch can be used to check your heart activity and have access to accessories such as GPS, among others. It is a good tool for those who are dedicated to sports and also through WiFi you can synchronize it with smart devices and do many tasks on it without having to take your phone out on the street.


  • It has higher compatibility than other similar ones with smartphones and the synchronization is a little easier than other Xiaomi Watches.
  • If you want to use it as a heart rate monitor, this product has a number of very practical sport modes and options for real data recording.
  • The GPS that this product has is superior to that of some older and more modern models.


  • In this model of Xiaomi Watches you cannot answer calls, only check notifications, messages, and cardiac performance data, among others.
  • Although it is a product that Xiaomi sells, some people do not like that it has been produced by the company HUAMI

Price –  it was $129.99 on Amazfit in 2020

Xiaomi Ciga Watch

This model of Xiaomi Watches is designed for both informal settings and in those semi-formal settings. It is a product designed so that the passage of time does not affect you and to achieve this it has been made with materials that guarantee the long durability of this attractive watch, it is an analog watch model that can show you the time and also the date, it is considered a watch for “Businessmen” who have all kinds of activity during the day.


  • It was designed so that it can represent the style of people in both formal and informal situations.
  • It can be used by men of different ages, from adolescents to the elderly without causing a bad presence in any case.
  • This watch has been made with top quality materials which can guarantee a long life and resistance.


  • Although it can be used in water, it should not be used for swimming or showering since these types of uses can easily damage it.
  • It does not have a large number of functions like other Xiaomi Watches since it is analog.
  • It is a product that does not make a good impression for those who seek more than all technology and innovation.

Price –  This watch was $99.99 on Amazon in 2020.

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Xiaomi Amazfit Verge Submersible Watch

To end this analysis, we present this model of Xiaomi Watches, which has been elaborated more than anything thinking of those people who could give it a sporty use, it is not only a watch that can provide date and time, it also has a chronometer and with a number of functions that make it serve as a heart rate monitor and also to establish locations. It allows you to take calls from your cell phone and also access functions such as messages.


  • This watch is quite light, you can put it on your wrist and do sports with it without any inconvenience since it does not have much weight.
  • It has a large number of sensors that facilitate its operation and make it easier to use.
  • The display of this watch has good lighting, both in low-light places and places where there is a light of normal or excessive intensity.
  • The battery charges fairly quickly and has a fairly long runtime.
  • It is compatible with practically all current smartphones, whether Android or iOS.


  • Although they have water resistance, it is a product that is not suitable for use in swimming or diving activities.
  • It is considered as an expensive product by some people who have purchased it.

Price –  This watch can be yours for just $159.99 on Amazon.

Buying Guide

The number of smartwatches is almost overwhelming. Almost every major mobile phone company has launched its smartwatch (probably the best known is the Apple Watch), including Chinese tech giants like Xiaomi. As with almost all gadgets, the quality of the products is very variable. 

In principle, it can be said that products from well-known brands such as Samsung, Apple, or Xiaomi deliver a better overall package than inexpensive no-name products. At the same time, there are also a few real pearls among the unknown brands that should not be neglected.

In the following, we present the most important criteria for choosing a smartwatch.


A wristwatch is always a piece of jewelry, whether it is smart or not. Visually, the biggest difference is in the shape of the dial or the display. Some models, such as the Apple Watch, have a square display, while other smartwatches use a round display like a classic watch. 

In principle, models with a square display can be operated a little better, since the keyboard and apps can be displayed better. As with a smartphone, you should pay attention to a few details on the display. In principle, a high resolution is advantageous, because what is shown then looks sharper. However, low resolutions are not a broken leg on cheap models. 

The display of a smartwatch is significantly smaller than that of a cell phone, so fewer pixels are required. Display technology is of course also important. Smartwatches with an AMOLED display have a clear advantage here: the display is not only rich in contrast but also uses less energy. 

With an AMOLED display, it is also possible to display the time permanently. Smartwatches with an IPS display cannot do this, otherwise, the energy consumption would be too high. However, many smartwatches with an IPS display have the function to automatically activate the display when the arm is raised. A button does not always have to be pressed to read the time.


The system represents one of the most important points of a smartwatch. The decisive factor is how much effort the manufacturer has made to optimize the smartwatch for everyday use. Small things often matter: 

  • Does the connection with the cell phone work smoothly? 
  • Are the apps well optimized for the display size? 
  • Does the touch input work correctly? 
  • Can other apps be installed? 

It is often shown that this is the point where large manufacturers such as Amazfit, and Xiaomi have an advantage over small manufacturers. Just as our reviews show, information about the scope of functions and the optimization of the system is essential to have before any purchase.

Smartwatches With SIM Slots 

Some smartwatches go so far as to even integrate their own SIM slot in the watch. The advantage is obvious: You no longer need to connect to a cell phone to access mobile data or make calls. You can use such a watch particularly self-sufficiently. 

If you are interested in a smartwatch with SIM, you should check before buying whether the necessary LTE network frequencies for your country is available. As with the purchase of the cell phone, the support of LTE Band 20 for your country is particularly important for O2 / E-Plus users. 

Smartwatches With A Complete Android System 

There are many exotic products among smartwatches. Smartwatches with a complete Android system represent a special subgroup. Instead of an adapted and trimmed surface for use as a smartwatch, you get an unchanged Android system. 

Of course, this goes hand in hand with a much greater variety of uses, since you can also use all possible apps on the watch. However, these extraordinary smartwatches often fail because of cumbersome usability.

What Xiaomi Watch to Buy?

This is a question that many people currently ask themselves as they may not have precise ideas about Xiaomi Watches. But going through our thorough list of best Xiaomi watches models of today, the choices are up to you. we recommend buying the Xiaomi Amazfit Verge watch because we consider it the best option in Xiaomi watches today.


As you have seen, there are many Xiaomi smartwatches. It does not matter your age, your style, or the functionality you want to give the smartwatch, because surely there is one that perfectly adapts to your needs and tastes.

We know that the choice is not always easy, so we advise you to take several things into account.

We cannot deny that aesthetics is what most attracts our attention in these watches, but when making your purchase decision, you should not forget to value other aspects such as the specific functionalities of the watch, compatibility with your mobile phone and other devices that you can connect with or the battery life. Lucky for you, Xiaomi got you covered in all these aspects.

What is certain is that once you try one of these best Xiaomi watches it will be difficult for you to use a normal watch again. Xiaomi watches have so much to offer that it is normal that they become something indispensable in your day to day. Dare to try them and discover first hand all their advantages.

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