Speaking of the Japanese TV station variety show ARIYOSHI’S Meeting for Reviewing (あ り よ し は ん せ い か い 、),

The show is to invite celebrity guests to tell stories on the spot and reflect on what is wrong with them.

In the latest program aired on May 23, the introspector is a 31-year-old female artist Ru Yue さ や.

The theme she wanted to reflect on was-“Too much love for my father and a close relationship with my father.”

Like other people, Ruyue Saye usually likes to share photos of eating, drinking and surfing on social networking sites.

However, through these daily activities, netizens found that she seems to have a boyfriend:

“Today is Christmas, I will cook at home by myself ~~”

(Obviously for two people)

Today is my birthday, celebrated in a hotel with a great night view. “

(There are two cups)

“Go to the United States and enjoy overseas travel.”

(A man’s shoulder)

“Eat at home.”

(Look at this hand )

“Sleep good today.”

In response, Ruyue Shaye made a public response:

These photos are not taken with boyfriend, instead it is her father!

How good is the relationship between Ruyue Shaye and her father?

She introduced that every Christmas and her birthday is definitely spent with her father.

Also, she chats online with her father every day, they talk nothing special but some daily topics like weather and eating.

And she goes travel with her dad, what’s more, she sleeps or baths with her dad as well.

It is reported the dad is still single, but is about to remarry.

For the dad’s marriage, Ruyue said she felt like she become an ex-girl friend

When the camera returns to the studio, and the host Yoshihiro Hoshi thinks,

“it is nothing, loving father it’s not a bad thing ~~”

But the girl also can feel it herself: “My relationship with my 64-year-old father is really good, and it will make some people feel disgusted.”

As for why she often uploads photos with her father on social networking sites but without showing his face, She explains that his father is just an outsider, there is no need to disturb his life.

And for the fact thay every time go on a trip, the father and daughter are bathing and sleeping together, a female guest Okubo Yoshiko has a doubt:

“At this time, where is your sight?”

The girl replied that she shared a bath with her father and did not feel any embarrassment. When sharing the bathroom with her father, she often did not wear clothes, brushing her teeth, watching her father come in, and greeted “hi, Dad ~”

The father naturally entered the bath and asked what his daughter wanted to eat tomorrow.

Okubo also sighed: “It’s really an open family atmosphere ~~”

However, Host Ji Hongxing still believes that there is nothing to reflect on liking father.

After this program was broadcast, it caused a discussion among netizens, and some people felt that there was nothing wrong with these:

“I have always had a good relationship with my father. This is a very good thing. I think it is a great family.”

Some netizens believe that a good relationship between father and daughter is the same thing, but after all, men and women are different:

“It feels disgusting.

It ’s okay to like father, but she should n’t publicly tell the father and daughter to sleep together on TV. “

“The 31-year-old girl likes her father too much, even having a bath together, so exaggerated.”

“The 31-year-old girl also took a bath with her father … maybe the relationship between father and daughter is indeed very good …

However, as a father, you should take the initiative to make changes! Jerk! “

“After watching TV, a female actress named Ruyue Shaye said she liked her father very much, So she still takes a bath with dad together, and sleep in one bed when traveling.

This is obviously very unusual, but the host did not criticize this.

The father who took a bath with his 31-year-old daughter was completely guilty! “

This too intimate behavior between father and daughter should be said to be wrong.

And the TV program thinks that there is nothing to reflect on, which is also confusing …


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