Chinese landscape painting
The Vast Land is the green landscape painting of the Northern Song Dynasty. One of the ten most famous paintings in China.
It was painted by Wang ximeng, a young painter who was only 18 years old. Wang ximeng is the Northern Song Dynasty Painting Academy student, has been personally taught by Emperor Huizong of Song Dynasty.
The picture shows the activities of the figures such as the long stretches of mountains, the deep valleys of remote rocks, the high peaks and flat slopes, the rivers and streams, the fishing boats and yachts, the bridges and water carts, the thatched pavilions and so on.
Chinese landscape painting
Chinese landscape painting: the vast land
It fully inherits the expression technique of green mountains and rivers since the Sui and Tang dynasties, highlighting the massiness and versatility of stone bluestone green, making the picture bright and beautiful.
The whole picture is magnificent and powerful and delicate, and it is a masterpiece of the green landscape painting. The Vast Land is Wang ximeng’s work at the age of 18, and it is also the only work that has passed the world.
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