The minimalistic Japanese decorating theme becomes popular among the world for its sophisticated, simple and natural style. Japanese style decor theme is known for the slogan “less is more”, which is a kind of modern living standard that pursuing fewer things but higher quality. to choose a Japanese decor, here are 7 tips for you to make comfort and cozy room.
Japanese style advocates “nature”, which requires the greatest degree of introduction of natural light, so there are certain requirements for household type, preferably house located at the north and towards the south.

The lighting level is also a key to laying a Japanese style, Japanese style lighting follows the principle is: “Try to put the natural light source with top lamp auxiliary light source and floor lamp or desk lamp for the local light source.”  Color balance should be noted that the light color of the indoor selection of incandescent lamps is the best, warm tone incandescent lamp can create a bright and soft light environment. With excellent lighting and a combination of floor-to-ceiling windows and light-colored curtains (white or beige is preferred), you can maximize the bright and cozy atmosphere of the Japanese style.
Japanese style focuses on “elegant”, in order to continue the simple concept of life, the tone of most colors are white, beige, black, light gray and other neutral colors mainly, and then to elegant green, yellow to do embellishment.
“Wood” is the first essence of Japanese-style home. Japan is a high forest cover country, which provides the most natural and simple materials for Japanese home design.
Japanese-style furniture also try to maintain the original color of wood, which will not overuse the use of industrial materials to deal with it, so that they appear in the purest state, only varnish treatment of wood color furniture is a necessary home decor, at the same the furniture design requires to have too simple lines and light shape.

Japanese families generally use less space, so how to make full use of each inch of the area has become an important issue to every household in Japan, which has also created a wide range of Japanese-style storage philosophy, branded in the Japanese home life.
Japanese-style advocating minimalist storage, for example, put daily use items in their own reach of the place. the Modular square design makes every scene is clean and not messy.
Here are some storage tips for you:
hung up or erect your items
use storage artifact file box
Good at labeling, separating categories
Do not use packaging
Use sub-bottling Emphasize the overall sense of storage

Sliding Doors or screens
The real Japanese screen, known as Shoji, is a must-have design element for Japanese families. The application of the sliding door can make the functional space of each part can be elastic to separate, and space can enrich the visual effect. The sliding door is suitable for bathroom, study, living room and other space partition applications, the sliding door design is recommended to apply in the whole house to maintain a consistent, integrity, and simplicity style.
The ordinary Japanese-style room is small size, but the light is done very well, which is not low on the power of the decorator. Many Japanese-style houses, rarely see pompous decorations, are normally full of daily feelings.
Simple plaid sheets, solid-color cushions, white desk lamps, and small teacups, the most everyday things, are really in use, but also personal fun of the best decoration of space. At the same time, the practical multi-story shelf is full of family essentials or some favorite decorations, which can make the whole room has a warm feeling.

Japanese furniture has both the traditional aesthetic and modernist design concepts. Japanese furniture attaches more importance to be light-weighted. Japanese-style furniture pays attention to the balance of material and color, furniture is low and not much, they do not deliberately highlight certain furniture. Set the tone of the house with the lowest tune of simplicity.

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