Boiling Oil Scalded Okra

1.Okra: remove the stems, rub with salt and cook in a boiling water pot for about 3 minutes. Remove and soak in ice water for later use.

2.Arrange cooked okra on a flat plate, sprinkle with minced garlic and chilli, and light soy sauce.

3.Pour in the boiling oil

Gumbo Omelet

1.Add 45g water, 15g soy sauce and a little salt to 3 eggs.

2.Put a little oil on the bottom of the pot, pour in the egg mixture and fry until the egg skin is formed. Add the cooked okra, roll up the edges, then pour in the egg mixture again, repeat. Finally roll to shape.

3.Remove and cut into 2-3cm thick pieces.

Japanese Style Cold Mixed Okra

1.Bonito Flakes and kelp boil into a small bowl of stock, and three tablespoons of soy sauce mix well.

2.Cut okra into sections, pour in the mixed sauce and let stand for 20 minutes.

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