large innocent-looking eyes with delicate features. A sharp jawline and slim figure. Fair skin so clear and bright it almost glows.

Many of Korea’s young people want to look like them with the influence of those South Korean pop idols’ looking in their music videos. 

In order to tone down the influence a beauty-obsessed country where plastic surgery is rampant, South Korea’s government is trying to limit the stars’ presence on television by broadcast guidelines, for the reason that they look too much alike.

The guidelines were intended to make television a more benevolent experience. Ministry officials said that viewers worried that television shows exacerbate inequalities and gender stereotypes, rather than fixing it.
Almost 1/3 South Korean women have had cosmetic surgery between the ages of 19 and 29, a Gallup Korea poll has found — a trend that mirrors the narrow beauty standards epitomized by K-pop stars.

Some South Koreans have openly celebrated having cosmetic surgery, documenting their physical transformations as a rite of passage.
What do you think? Should the government use political power to limit those pop stars just because of their lookings?

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