Nara is an ancient cultural capital with a history of more than one thousand years. Nara enjoys the reputation of “Rome of the east”. Japanese people call nara “spiritual hometown” and “the eastern end of the silk road”. Todaiji, Kasuga Shrine,Kofuji Temple, Shin Yakushiji, Toshoda temple and other seven historical sites have been included in the UNESCO world heritage list.

Buddha, enshrined in the todaiji kando, is the symbol of nara. The great 1.Buddha hall of todaiji is the largest wooden ancient building in the world at present. The 16-meter-high Buddha statue of lushana in the temple is the largest bronze Buddha statue in the world, which is one of the must-see scenic spots for every visitor to nara.

2.Japanese society is a place of worship for Shinto religion in Japan. Surrounded by verdant ancient trees, the red building looks unusually bright. After the kamakura era, the haruka, together with the ishiguro shrine and the shimizu hachiman shrine, was known as the “sansha” by the world and was widely admired by the people. It was also listed as a world heritage site as a cultural property of nara.

On the way to the spring lotus tea house, there is a small shop named “spring lotus tea house”. The tea house will introduce all kinds of seasonal limited meals in time. No matter be autumn hot drink, still be lotus leaf congee, those who bring a moment is carefree complacent to the person.

3.Toshoda temple was founded from the tang dynasty monk jianzhen. He accepted emperor seibu’s invitation, came to Japan to promote Buddhism and reform Japanese Buddhism, but after five times at sea and suffering from blindness, it took 12 years, finally arrived in nara.

Toshoda means to practice beside the Buddha in the ashram, the meaning of tang zhaoti temple for this temple is for the tang dynasty jianzhen monk practice and build a dedicated ashram, for its altar to lecture. Temple preserved jianzhen woodcut statue, eyes closed, dignified demeanor, brow revealed a firm temperament. Only on the anniversary of the death of jianzhen (June 6) every year, when the external display.

4.Nara park is located in the east side of nara city, at the foot of the spring mountain, is an open park covering a large area. The park is picturesque all the year round. There are hundreds of wild sika deer living in the broad meadow, which is the most concentrated place of deer. Therefore, some people call it “sika deer park”.

Fawn on them with food is the best way to get them around you. Deer stomach and people are different, in order to deer health, we must use the special deer fairy shellfish feeding oh! But the moment you hold the deer fairy shell in your hand, you should also be prepared for the extreme enthusiasm of the deer

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