1.Arbutus Juice

Soak arbutus in brine, remove and add water and rock sugar. Boil until dark red. Take the juice and cool it in the refrigerator.

2.Dried Arbutus

Boil the rock sugar in water. Add in the water and drain the arbutus. Boil over high heat (the water just covers the arbutus).Bring the water to a boil and adjust the heat to medium-high until the juice is completely dry. Remove the arbutus.

Put it in the microwave for 10-15 minutes, let it cool and then roll in the sugar. To complete.

3.Arbutus Wine

Wash, drain and air dried arbutus, then put one layer of arbutus and one layer of rock sugar in a clean, airtight bottle.Pour in the white wine, the wine over the arbutus, forming a seal. Then cover and store in a cool place. After a month, it’s ready to drink.

4.Arbutus Sauce

Dried arbutus saltwater soak, add temperature and stir fry in the pot, a little juice after the sprinkle sugar fire boil.

Pour out a large amount of juice from arbutus. Turn down the heat and stir to break the pulp. Turn off the heat when it comes to a boil.

Remove the core and let cool after cooling. The Arbutus sauce is finished.

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