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Recently, a Japanese actress chose to self-wedding becomes a hot topic attracted everyone’s attention.

The video sees a change in Japan’s current view of marriage and love, which has spawned “the latest form of marriage” by diversifying its values. Pick Your own wedding dress, put on your own ring, read your own vows. In the eyes of relatives and friends to complete all the wedding due process, but the difference is that there is no groom.

Such a “self-divided marriage” makes netizens feel a bit incredible. The so-called “self-marriage” is not with the partner but choose to marry themselves.

Although not yet recognized in law, but like the ordinary wedding ceremony to inform relatives and friends to come to the scene, determined to swear that “will give themselves happiness”, a new step in life.

There are several reasons for women to choose self-marriage:
First, marry herself if she does not find the person to marry before she is particular years old.

Second, break up with boyfriend, or with the previous partner, because of too much pain and marry.

Third, she wanted to affirm herself as a complete farewell ceremony with the imperfections of the past.

Fourth, even if only once, want to put on the wedding dress of the obsession. ” The 30-year-old is afraid to face my life. Although I have lived in a stable life with whom, now I am the only one in the house.
But now it’s different, on my 36 birthday, I chose my wedding ring for myself and vowed to love myself. “

“Please think back to your childhood readings. The protagonist always takes marriage as a happy ending. As if to say that the ultimate goal of women is to enter marriage. It is gratifying that a new form of marriage, such as self-marriage, was born in this context. Marrying yourself means declaring: ‘ Like marrying someone else, my life is full of meaning ‘. “

“The women who were single or not chosen were branded by society, but I chose myself.I’ve decided to protect myself. “

“Because I don’t want to waste my life.” Choosing to marry yourself is responsible for your dreams. If there is something you want to achieve but have not yet done, then self-marriage will be your strong backing to face the serious life of life.”

“People who attend the self-wedding ceremony should have a good look back at themselves.” Have you been gentle with yourself? Can you say yes if you propose to yourself? Health or illness, can you stay old with your life? We should all think about this kind of problem. ” “People often say, ‘ lucky to meet you, ‘ yes. So I was able to meet myself.”For the “self-divided marriage” This brand-new form of marriage, Chinese netizens have shown recognition and appreciation. But again, there will be the voice of doubt: such a big ceremony is more like an eye-catching bar! , facing the camera and relatives and friends really can’t do it! It’s too hard to let go of your self-esteem and have the courage to do so!

And feel that it is difficult to carry out such a wedding in China! In fact, in the face of marriage, in the face of life, no matter which country people will have different thinking. Some people say they are pathetic, old and poor rely on, but some people think they are really cool, live a different life. The topic of “The Order of life” has been discussed on the Internet some time ago, and perhaps the answers in everyone’s hearts are not quite the same. But most of all, do you face yourself? Have you listened to your inner voice? Make a choice that follows your heart? Finally, I hope that we can all sincerely say this sentence-“自分って出会い運があるのね” (to meet yourself is really lucky).


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