close up photography of cherry blossom tree

Matsumae Park
The park is at the southern end of Hokkaido, where the cherry blossoms bloom early. More than 10,000 cherry blossoms of about 250 species were planted in the garden, which bloomed from late April to late may. Tenshukoka is recognized as the best place to photograph the cherry blossoms. Cherry blossom festivals will be held every year from late April to around 3 weeks. When you come to Hokkaido to enjoy the cherry blossoms, you must come to matsuzaka to experience the beautiful scenery and atmosphere interwoven with the history and cherry blossoms.
In the northeast
Hirosaki Park
Hirosaki park is a must-visit for aomori. Every spring, there are more than 50 kinds, a total of more than 2,600 cherry blossoms blooming together, very spectacular.Hirosaki city of the Tenshukoka and cherry blossom against each other’s beauty is also a tourist scramble to take photos of the scenic spots, the lights at night must not be missed.
Shiroyama Park
With about 1,600 cherry trees, Shiroyama park was designated as the county’s natural park in 1956. In addition to the cherry blossoms, there is also a museum of history and folk customs, which displays the historical materials of the feudal period and the southern clan. In 2006, it was selected as one of the 100 historical parks in Japan.
Now the city has more than a thousand cherry trees in the spring is the focus of attention. Numerous cherry trees around the Tenshukoka, the momentum is extraordinary, is definitely worth a look.
The Kanto region
Omiya Park
One of the most popular prefectural parks in saitama, saitama is also one of the most famous sakura appreciation centers in the city. Inside the broad park, there are 1,000 cherry blossoms in full bloom, which even make the sky seem pink. The park also has a Japanese garden, also close to the grand palace glacier shrine, selected by the Japanese cherry 100 selected.

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