ripe strawberries in white plate on table

A half year ago, a china independent media invited Wangcuncun, a vlogger who goes viral for being bored. in the past few years, he did nothing but just, get bored.

He decided to be a boring person since 2015, and the first question he faced is he didn’t know how to be a boring person, what should a boring person do?

He attended a daze contest, where a group of people sat on the ground for three hours and couldn’t move. people there also measured challengers’ heart rate and the one with the least heart rate change win. In the end, Wang cuncun loses the competition.

Wang cuncun started to realize that: first, boredom is actually a very professional thing, second, he thought he had the talent in this field.
he started to being bored through some experimentation like he spent 6 hours knowing that there are about 16,250 tablets of rice in a bowl.

Wang cuncun used 3 hours to count how many seeds on a strawberry, and get the answer is 289.2.

Wang cuncun put a 200-layer film on a mobile phone to see what will the phone be like.

And used a whole night to lick a huge size Lollipop.

some people think he is crazy and time wasting, but more and more people think he is a behavioral artist, his videos are interesting and funny and people could feel peaceful through his videos.

What do you think? Have you met this kind of people in your life?

Here is the video that he used a night to lick huge Lollipop: trust me, you will laugh out in the end.

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