The fabulous way to jazz up your living room is to go with bright colored and patterned cushions and throws. But the perfect arrangement can be harder. You need to get it right to make your living room look perfect. Cushions are the best way to decorate your living room. Adding cushions to your living space is an awesome way to add more charm.

You do not need to own expensive home decoration accessories to décor your living room. You can easily décor your living room with decorative cushion covers. But, picking the right type of cushion covers for living room and placing them right is important. Come here to know the secrets how to get it right.

decorative cushion covers
  • To add individuality and personal touch to a room, you can use scattered cushions which also add slight artworks for your home. It will bring living room into existence. A scattered cushion helps you to change the look of your living space from old and dull one to modern look. Take care of modern design while buying cushion covers for living room.
  • Mixing dissimilar and asymmetric patterns, hues and sizes in a unified way is an art either for more casual living room or a very formal office space. Do not always look for same color or same size or same pattern cushions for decoration. Try to mix and match unusual patterns for a different look. You can go for ethnic cushion covers, double shaded cushion covers, embroidered cushion covers, printed cushion covers and much more.
  • Tie your cushions together, matching to your room color scheme. Color of your walls, the color of your furniture, the color theme of your hanging paintings and curtains matter a lot while deciding the color of the cushions. You need to make sure that all colors should go in coordination with each other. Each and every element of the living room should complement each other.
  • There is one more question which you would like to know that is how many cushions you should have on a sofa in living room? In that case the odd number always works better. You can create the combination of 3 or 5 cushions and arranged them according to their size. For a corner sofa, you can pick 4 to 9 cushions according to design and size of the sofa. It will add more dimension and depth to your place. Do not clutter your sofa with so many cushions. Too many cushions on the sofa is a big no!
  • If you are thinking about how could you know what pattern or color will completely go with your scheme. A good idea is to draw on existing colors or pattern you wish to highlight. To create a unified feel, find a focal color or pattern in an artwork or furniture piece and then introduce a block velvet cushion in the same pattern. For example, you have followed a geometric shape pattern in your living space. Your curtains, wall paint ,etc. everything depicts geometric shapes, then go for geometric shape cushions to match with the theme.
  • Consider mixing different patterns of cushion covers in bright colors. Vibrant colors will help you adding more elegant look to your living room. Avoid placing repeated or same patterns of cushions. It makes the room look dull and boring. For instance, pick bold colored cushions in stipes, mix it up with some floral patterned cushions. Or you can pick plain colored cushions to match up with the stipes one. It’s all about your creativity, how nicely you can place your cushions.
  • Choosing size and shape of your cushion covers for living room is also important. Many people prefer square cushions while many prefer rectangular cushions. Many people just but cushions of the same shape and size, which gives dull and boring look to the living room. To add modernity and sophistication to your living room, try to mix different shapes and place them together.
  • There are plenty of options to find the perfect collection of cushion covers to match your style and taste. You can pick vintage look covers, modern look covers, paisley prints, quirky prints, bold colored plain covers, and hand embroidered covers. Shop online for the best selection of cushion covers to decorate your living room.
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