Want to become an eye candy of your bae on the first date itself? Did you know, donning your eyes with the right pair of colored contact lenses could fix your dating goals? And when it’s your first date, remember, it might be a golden chance to create your very first impression and reveal your inner aura, confidence, and self-consciousness in a whole new way. Fear not, eyes can do the talking much before you are ready to break the silence and this is where colour contacts can whip the entire look and reflection to make your first meeting even more streamy and sensational.

Guess what, it’s all about getting the right ones.

Want to know more about choosing the contact lens color for your first date? Let’s jump right in.

No matter, how hard it is to stay calm and steady on your first dating scene, always try to look confident and approachable. And here, colorful contact lenses could be a game changer.

They don’t just help enhance the beauty of your eyes, but help express your hidden vibes, signal approving gestures, and reveal your secret feelings from the deepest inside.

SO! Picking the right colour contacts could be an excruciating part of your “what to wear on my first date” journey when it comes to creating a direct impact on your partner by looking straight into his eyes.

Here’s why should you pick a perfect pair of lenses

A Great Glass Alternative:

While it’s true that frames portray a sense of sophistication and dignity, putting your favorite one on a day as dating could rather give you a nerd appearance! Rather pick a colored lens and it would give you self-esteem and self-affirmation like never before! Forget about the pain of cleaning your glasses every few minutes.

Imagine getting outside an A.C. room just after a fine candlelight dining and turning to your bae with a pair of frozen glasses! How unromantic!

The Trendiest Fashion Statement:

The best thing about wearing colour contacts is that you can enjoy and experiment with a fresh new look every day. They could not just change the color of your eyes, but your entire image and appearance. For instance, a pair of a blue lens would be a great makeover fix as it could transform you to a blue-eyed brunette in no time.

But you need to know how to select the right kind of color for your eyes and correctly pair them with your dating day outfit.

SO! Here’s how…

#1. Pay Attention to the Occasion:

You got that right! There are colour contacts for every occasion. Like you could flaunt the quirkiest cat’s eyes on a Halloween day, but a subtle, elegant look for a holiday outing. So, depending on whether it’s an everyday look or a special rendezvous, your lens color should complement your mood, personality, look, ensemble, accessories, day time, season, occasion, and the whole ambiance.

SO! Be mindful in your selection.

#2. Pay Attention to Your Eye Color and Skin tone:

The color of your lens should not be at a stark difference from your natural eye color. While it should give your appearance a glam addition, it should be done in a subtle way. For example, if you got natural light-colored eyes, try gray, honey brown, light brown, green or hazel tints. They could naturally enhance and define the iris edges while still looking real.

Did you know that warm-toned colour contacts team up better with natural complexions? Yes, it’s true.

But if you got darker eyes or skin, go for opaque tints like violet, blue or darker green to turn your date night more dramatic. Opting for vivid color lenses could really help you turn heads in the crowd. And, of course, your partner will not be able to take his eyes off you… *wink*

Alternatively, you could try custom colored lenses specially designed for your individualized look. They come in different colors, mostly semi-translucent and varying densities, both prescriptive and non-prescriptive. These custom-tinted contacts can even hide congenital eye defects.

In short, it all depends on what look you want to sport on your first date, daring, bold, soft or subtle. Remember, mimicking your au-natural eye appearance with a natural color lens will let your partner know you better on the first day of your sultry meet.

#3. Pay Attention to the Type of Color Lens:

The tinted lenses come in wide varieties. However, they could be primarily categorized into soft and hard lenses. While the soft contact lenses need to be replaced after a certain span of time, the hard ones have a better shelf life of materials and quality.

Also, there are three main kinds of colored lenses…

> Visibility tint lens: Lightly tinted, these colored lenses usually come in blue or green. They can help you empower a better vision during your wear, removal or drop. These lenses are very pale and don’t bring a very noticeable change in your natural eye color.

> Solid tint lens: These see-through lenses are great for enhancing your natural eye color with a little darker shade. They work superbly on light-tinted pupils giving them a vibrant finish.

> Non-transparent tint lens: Choose these opaque lenses if you are trying to bring a 360-degree transformation in your look. These non-transparent tinted contacts are best for dark colored eyes and come in a wide variety like blue, green, violet, brown, gray, amethyst hazel, and more.

Remember, if you are not a regular contact lens wearer, you need to consult with an ophthalmologist before you use the colour contacts. Not all lenses are suitable for your eyes and each one needs a hygiene care routine to keep your vision healthy and optimal.

#4. Pay Attention to How Long You Want to Wear Your Color Lens:

You can wear your colour contacts as long as you know how to take care of them. And this applies to the cleaning, storage, fitting, putting on and off and everything else about your tinted lenses. For example, if you are picking disposable color lenses for your first date, make sure to throw it out at the day’s end.

Wearing lenses longer than prescribed by your eye professional or the lens manufacturer could pose serious threats of eye infections.

So now that you know how to choose your contact lens color for your first date, here are some smart tips to stay ahead of the curve…

> Pick a soft lens

> For a date night makeover you can switch to the gas-permeable lens after wearing your makeup

> Try to put on non-allergic eye shadows, liners or mascara when you wear your lenses.

The Bottom Line:

Finally, remember dating is all about playing bold and seductive and regardless of the outfit, accessory or style you choose for your first date, colored lenses are a real hit. But that does not mean you should compromise your visual freedom and comfort. Go for what makes you the most convenient, confident and most importantly yourself.

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