The Wandering Earth

China’s Film Industry Finally Joins the Space Race

China’s first blockbuster set in space, “The Wandering Earth,” opened a week ago in the midst of pompous desires that it will speak to the unfolding of another time in Chinese filmmaking.
“The Wandering Earth,” appeared in 3-D, happens in a far off future in which the sun is going to venture into a red monster and eat up the Earth.
The approaching hazard powers the world’s architects to devise an arrangement to move the planet to another nearby planetary group utilizing mammoth thrusters. Things go very severely when Earth needs to pass Jupiter, setting off an edgy scramble to spare mankind from obliteration. In order to save the Earth, in order for mankind to reach a new home after a long 2,500 years, the young people of the wandering Earth era stand up and embark on a war of life and death.
The film is adjusted from the namesake novel by Liu Cixin, a Chinese science fiction writer. He is a nine-time winner of the Galaxy Award (China’s most prestigious literary science fiction award), winner of the Locus Award and winner of the Hugo Award. Liu’s work is considered hard science fiction.
His books are rambling legends and profoundly inquired about. That makes them conceivable dreams about mankind’s experiences with a hazardous universe.
When the journalist asked: “if “Wandering Earth” was filmed for the Chinese?” Guo Fan, the film director replied: “I serve the Chinese audience first. My film does not take into account any international market or an international audience. I don’t think we’re up to that point yet, we don’t have the ability to do a movie with a global perspective. When half of the world’s people speak Chinese, it’s natural to go out, it’s a cultural part, and our culture isn’t strong enough.”
In “wandering the Earth” we could see an idea, a concept that unites all mankind “to concentrate on great things”. We have also seen a scene that has been expected, with people from all over the world speaking different languages, different colors and different faiths, united in order to “keep the earth and humanity alive” for the same purpose. Even the climax of the entire film did not take place in China, but in the island nation as far away as Southeast Asia. There, speaking Indonesian, Japanese, Russian, engineers from all over the world, rescue teams work together to achieve a miracle.
Although “wandering the Earth” is Chinese science fiction, but does not highlight the status of China, it can be said that the author can even weaken the identity of the Chinese people, but the whole human as a community of destiny in writing.
The opening came as China achieved an achievement in space: the arrival of Chang’ e 4 on the back side of the moon in January.

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