Huami’s being a partner entity for various and key companies are now and then releasing smart wrist wearables products in the market. In full support by Xiaomi, a wearable known as Amazfit Stratos has been created. The company manufactures a series of smart wearables and among them, is the Stratos series. It’s now a verified product, released and now available in the market currently. Check out this Amazfit Stratos review.

It’s just amazing to have Amazfit Stratos with us, having peculiar characteristics that would make you fall for it. Amazfit Stratos is a stylish watch one would dream of since it’s designed to aid in performing some tasks using inbuilt software capabilities. It’s a style you would love to have for sports and business. It comes with 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass, 316L buttons and a touch-enabled screen to help in controlling the functionality of the watch. Besides, the watch also comes with multi-sport tracking, free music, a built-in Geographical Positioning System (GPS), and VO 2MAX.

Below is a more detailed specification that will make you develop an affinity for Amazfit Stratos.


Amazfit Stratos is a high-end smartwatch with high-end capabilities to carry out tasks for you. Now, let me take you through, step by step, as we explore the whole watch. Amazfit comes with;

Resistance to high levels of humidity.

 Amazingly, Amazfit Stratos is not the type of watch that would cease functioning if it comes into contact with water. It has 5 ATM1 that rates water resistance, equivalent to a water pressure of at least 50 meters or 164 feet (49.9 meters) down sea level. Again, you don’t have to remove it while in an indoor or outdoor swimming pool.


Amazfit Stratos, designed for sporty people, is a mixture of different materials and innovative techniques. It’s a lightweight wearable weighing 68g with a round design, black with dimensions of 10 x 2 x 0.6 inches (1.52 cm). Also, a charging system is available at the bottom of the watch.

Sporty watch

Amazfit Stratos is a type of watch that comes with numerous sport modes that are crucial in tracking down your routine activities. Whether you decide to do indoor running, Walking, indoor cycling Mountain climbing, Tennis, football, Skiing, both indoor and outdoor swimming, Triathlon and Elliptical Training- the smartwatch is loaded with multi-sport tracking feature for analysis after performing all or any of these sporty activities.

Free Music. 

Forgot your phone and want to listen to music? Let your phone stay. Amazfit Stratos has got you covered in terms of free music. It’s possible to turn on, your favorite music as you do mountain climbing or when doing your outdoor running and swimming. What one does to listen to that music is; Simply load into your smartwatch, that music you love, by directly linking it to Bluetooth headsets.

Battery Duration

Amazfit Stratos battery is a 290mAh Li-Polymer and lasts for 5 days when infrequent usage for instance; when running for 60 minutes you get 400 notifications daily. It goes for 1 day and 11 hours when the GPS has enabled as well as the heart rate monitor.

The Processor

Amazfit comes with a 1.2 GHz and a dual-core processor. This means the watch is capable of performing processes without delay or wait times. No one would love a slow-performing device which keeps one waiting but with Amazfit Stratos performance speed is looked into and sorted

Sensory modules

Amazfit Stratos is a style, worth finding due to its ability to sense the behavior of the environment with clarity. Has got an Optical heart rate sensor (PPG) that can track your heart performance and inform you of any abnormalities. Amazfit Stratos has got Air pressure sensor for humidity levels especially when going swimming, it’s able to sense the changes in attitude. It’s also loaded with Ambient light sensor, Geomagnetic sensor, Tri-axis Accelerometer, and Gyroscope which all respond to the environmental changes.

VO2max Fitness

It’s an analytical tool Amazfit Stratos uses to get and measure maximum oxygen consumption and display levels by use of VO2max. The ability of your body to use oxygen is described and goes further to give and notify about phycological data especially to athletes. Data can be updated or synced thus being made available via Strava.

Get the QR code

This is not a specification but a function performed by one of the buttons found on Amazfit Stratos on the right side. By long-pressing it for around 7 seconds, the wearable turns on and displays a QR code on the screen. This code can be scanned using Amazfit verge via Bluetooth features.


Amazfit Stratos water resistance levels reach 50 meters down sea level. This has been tested and verified by National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for Watches and Watches. Amazfit Stratos has specifically been designed for sports game lovers to aid in taking you to the next phase using GPS and GLONASS route tracking capabilities. Amazfit Stratos has got abilities to notify you through notifications, such as notifications received from social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, Email notifications, and Weather updates. For this to happen, it just requires a little configuration to get work done. Amazfit Stratos is designed to be worn in the daytime when you’ve got a lot to do with activities involving movements. It has got 1.34 inches (3.4 cm) touch display with a carbon fiber casing. Lastly, for maintenance purposes, it’s always to keep your valuables clean including the Amazfit Stratos by regularly performing a clean-up session. For corrosion prevention, especially when out from indoor or outdoor swimming pools, ensure you clean the parts of the watch using a dry soft cloth to absorb moisture.


  • Long-Lasting battery life
  • Comfortable
  • On-board music


  • No actionable alerts
  • Has a flat-tire design
  • Difficult to charge
  • Bulky
  • Has poor display quality 

Bottom Line on Pricing

Amazfit Stratos, in comparison to other smartwatch wearables, goes for $164. This product comes with a warranty, which means, it’s covered and can be returned when it shows signs of malfunctioning. To achieve this, you need to get in touch with the seller one on one for more information about the warranty or just proceed to the manufacturer’s site for help. With all these impressive features, Amazfit Stratos is worth going for, especially if you love athletics.

Amazfit Stratos





  • Long-Lasting battery life
  • Comfortable
  • On-board music


  • No actionable alerts
  • Has a flat-tire design
  • Difficult to charge
  • Bulky
  • Has poor display quality
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