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The Chinese upstart will be hoping its new flagship handset emulates Apple’s latest, which is flying off the shelves, rather than Samsung’s, which has a disquieting tendency to catch fire.

Xiaomi needs the 9 to revive its sales, both within its home market, where it has slipped to fourth place, and globally.

Distracted by other products—a robot vacuum cleaner, an air purifier, a rice cooker—the firm has neglected the fiercely competitive handset business.

But its “Apple of China” nickname is accurate in at least one respect: are there any other handset-makers whose launch events have to fend off gatecrashing fans?

Xiaomi mobile phone is Xiaomi company released the flagship smartphone, models include Xiaomi mobile phone, Xiaomi mobile phone note, Xiaomi mobile phone Max series.

Xiaomi mobile phone M1 first appeared on August 16, 2011, Xiaomi Technology Chairman Lei June presided over the launch and said Xiaomi mobile phone was the “world’s fastest” smartphone.

September 27, 2016, Xiaomi officially released Xiaomi mobile phone 5s (5sPlus), the highlight of which is the first hole-free ultrasonic fingerprint recognition, equipped with the ability to swipe NFC (Near field Communication, that is, near-range wireless communication technology) function, with faster 4G+ (Is the international scope and mobile interconnection industry on the 4G Network upgrade collectively) network, and up to 600nit high brightness pressure screen (high matching version).

A lot of high-technology is changing the mobile phone experience bits and again.

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