Floating in a big city like Tokyo, for young people from other places, not only must face the pressure of work and life, being away from home to stay away from parents, it is inevitable to feel lonely because of homesickness.

Faced with this demand, a service like “rental mom” has recently emerged in Tokyo. The minimum monthly fee is less than 10,000 yen (about 70 US dollars), so you can rent a “mother” to accompany you at home.

Ms. Kuroda, 69, is a “professional mother.” She is currently living alone, and she already has four “daughters” who have no blood relationship.

Starting from 3 months ago, she will go to the home of the younger sister, Daxi Mengzi, two days a week. As soon as he arrived at home, Kuroda had a chat with Daxi Mengzi:

“Is that finished?” “There is nothing left.”

“Can you eat tofu?” “Can you eat tofu?”

Although it is not a true parent-child, Kuroda will treat customers like a daughter in the same way as a mother, and make salads and other dishes according to the taste of the other party.


As a “professional mother”, Junichi Kuroda is an employee of the “Mother of Tokyo” company. In fact, she also has a pension and does not need to worry about her old-age expenses, but as a solitary elderly, she feels her own Life needs more communication.

She is a senior housewife, she successfully applied to become a member of the “Tokyo Mother” company, providing on-site service to customers.


The employees of the “Tokyo Mother” company are generally over 60 years old. On the homepage of the company’s official website, it reads “providing a comfortable home service like living in a home from a mother’s perspective.”


The services that “Moms” can provide include cleaning, cooking, assisting with childcare, laundry, storage, ironing, chatting, shopping, taking care of pets, etc.


In addition, for example, the hourly workers will only give you meals, but as long as you are interested, “Mommen” can also teach you some cooking skills and other life experiences.

These “rental moms” are really “universal”, capable, and different from the hourly workers. They are more like family members chatting with guests, so that the other party feels warm and the companionship in the heart is equally important.

Young people in modern life, with regard to work, family life, and parenting, will inevitably have some confusion and troubles. Parents stay in their hometown, the distance is very far, and some parent-child relationships have problems that are difficult to repair.

If there is a “mother” who can live close to life can provide help and reference, it is better.

When you get along for a long time, the two sides can talk and chat without any scruples. If you have any troubles, you can come up and talk about it.

Even for many young people today,

For rented moms, they may be more open.

One side is a young person who needs help, and the other is an old person who needs to communicate. This kind of combination can be said to help each other.

The head of the company, Xiaori, told Huili that each “rental mom” was very popular with customers and almost no one was rejected.


“Mom” Kuroda also likes the job very much, so she can have more opportunities to interact with young people and make her living alone become less lonely. As long as she keeps up with her physical strength, she will continue to do it.

Rent a mom is a really interesting service, I wish a could rent a boyfriend someday.


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