Changxin palace lamp is one of the bronze Bronze Lamps in Han Dynasty, which was cast in 172 BC. 1968 unearthed in mancheng County, Hebei Province, Zhongshan Jing Wang Liu Sheng’s wife Dou Yan tomb. The palace lamp is a palace woman sitting in gold and double-handed lights, with a quiet and elegant demeanor. The lamp body is 48 cm high and weighs 15.85.

The form of the palace lamp is a comb-filled maid sitting on her knees and holding a copper lamp. It is composed of six parts: Head, right arm, body, lampshade, lamp tray and lamp holder. The head and right arm can be assembled and disassembled to facilitate the cleaning of the lamps. The lamp tray of the palace lamp part is divided into two parts, engraved with the inscription “Yangxin home”, which can be turned to adjust the direction of the light, the arc-shaped tile-shaped copper plate embedded in the groove of the lamp tray can adjust the size of the opening of the light outlet to control the brightness of the light. The right hand and drooping sleeves cover the top of the copper lamp. The palace female copper statue is hollow in the body, its hollow right arm and sleeveThe copper lamp lampshade is formed and can be opened and closed freely.The burning gas dust can be deposited in the miyamata through the right arm of the miyamata, and will not dissipate in large quantities into the surrounding environment. There is a small amount of wax residue left above the lampshade. It is speculated that the substance burned in the palace lamp is animal fat or candle. There are not too many decorations and complex patterns on the surface of the palace lamp, which is relatively simple in the contemporary palace utensils.

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