A Bronze Shell Container with Four Bulls and a Gilded Horse Rider on Top

Bronze Shell Container is the unique bronze ware of ancient Indian state, with strong local characteristics and national style. It is mostly used to store shellfish coins, which is equivalent to our piggy bank today. At the same time, Shell Container is also a symbol of power status, ancestor worship important utensils.


The height of the Bronze Shell Container is 52cm and the cover diameter is 25.3 cm. It is a typical type of shell container with a girdle waist and a tiger ear on each side of the waist.
The decoration on the cover is more complicated and can be divided into two layers: the outer layer is carved and cast with 4 bulls arranged in the counterclockwise direction, the horns are long and curved, and the inner layer is on a column, decorated with the image of a knight on horseback, and the whole body is gilt.
It means that the tomb owner had not only a large amount of wealth but also a high degree of power. He may be a member of the royal family or a slave owner or an aristocrat.
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