Recently, a series of Hanfu photos in Iceland has become popular in Chinese social media. A 30-year-old Chinese girl who resigned her job to travel around the world in Hanfu.

hanfu girl

Hanfu is known as traditional Chinese clothing of Han people with thousand years of history, ancient Chinese clothing was influential to other traditional clothing such as the Japanese kimono, yukata, and the Vietnamese Áo Giao lĩnh. However, Hanfu has disappeared for ages for some reasons.


In 2003, the Hanfu movement appeared in China The word “Hanfu” was interpreted by the participants of the movement as “the traditional Han costumes from the Yellow Emperor to the Ming Dynasty in the late Qing Dynasty and the early Qing Dynasty.” 

Today, a large number of Chinese young people start to wear Hanfu and some of Hanfu related videos and works go viral in China social media like douyin, weibo, and wechat circle.

The girl we introduced today is one of the celebrities who become popular with her Hanfu photos, now she published her book and running her business to design and revive Hanfu. 

hanfu girl

In her works, we could see a beautiful combination of traditional Chinese culture and modern elements.


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